Strategic Plan 2010-2014

Shaping the Church for Mission



The Board of AMB held a Missions Consultation in March 2009, to provide advice for the Board. Church leaders and Mission practitioners from across the broad spectrum of our 3-Tikanga Church gathered with our Archbishops and +Philip Richardson as facilitators. Many of the issues identified are incorporated into a new Strategic Plan for the next 5 years.


Mission Statement

“The Anglican Missions Board enables the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, in a spirit of partnership, to share in the global dimension of Christ’s Mission.”


AMB Tasks

AMB achieves this Mission by:

  1. Challenging Christians constantly to enlarge their sense of Mission
  2. Enabling the Church to Pray, Give, Go and Support the Global Missions of our Church, and to Tell Mission Stories
  3. Resourcing associated Anglican Mission Agencies, Tikanga Mission enterprises, Partner Churches, Emergency and Poverty projects.


The 5 Marks of Mission

A primary focus for AMB is the Anglican Consultative Council’s Statement of Mission now incorporated into the Constitution of this Church. AMB works to promote a broad view of mission through:

  • Proclaiming the Gospel
  • Nurturing Believers
  • Responding to Human Need
  • Transforming the Unjust Structures in Society, and
  • Caring for Creation


stratpagephoto3.png5 Year Vision Statement

“Shaping the Church for Mission”


Challenging Strategies 2010-2014

  • Accountability
    Increase feedback in AMB publications and Reports

  • Communications
    Increase Mission Story Telling to Church Pews

  • Visits by missions people
    Maximise deputations at all levels of the Church

  • National AMB Conference
    2011 and 2014


Enabling Strategies 2010-2014

  • Missions Educator
    Establish a Missions Educator for the Church.

  • Mission Motivators’ re-launch
    Educate, Equip, Resource and Enable Mission Motivators for their active roles in each Parish/Rohe.

  • Missions Council Leadership
    Encourage and enable pro-active leadership in our Missions Councils and their networking with the Church at large.

  • Website Resources
    Develop and make available website resources for use by the Church, particularly at a Parish/Rohe level.

  • Mission Experiences
    Encourage and enable Mission experiences of different kinds, particularly Short Term Mission Team experiences.

  • Mission Links
    Encourage and enable Mission Links at all levels of the Church, particularly through Diocesan Links, and the adoption of Mission projects.


stratpagephoto1.pngResourcing Strategies 2010-2014

  • Grow Missions Dollar Impact 30%
    Increase the impact of the AMB Mission Funds by 30% over the next five years through increased fundraising appeals and funds matched by NZAID and/or NGOs including Christian World Service.

  • Emergency Response Fund
    Establish an Emergency Response Fund with sufficient funds to respond quickly to emergencies as they arise.

  • Mission Partner Sending
    Work closely with NZCMS to enable the funding and support of Mission Partners sent overseas.

  • Administration Ratio and Endowment
    Reduce the Admin/Total Costs ratio to 13% over the next 5 years. Establish an endowment to help subsidise administration costs.

  • Mission Experiences
    Encourage and enable Mission experiences of different kinds, particularly Short Term Mission Team experiences.

  • Mission Partnerships Accountability
    Continue to develop close relationships through our Mission Partnerships with Mission Agencies, Tikanga Mission Enterprises, NZCMS and Partner Churches while ensuring accountability criteria are established and monitored. Give priority to Partnerships in the South Pacific over the next five years.



Shaping the Church for Mission will need the proactive support of the whole Church, not just AMB. By mobilising and shaping the Church for Mission over the next five years, it is hoped that there will be greater engagement by the Church in Mission, and greater Mission impact as a result.

We all have a stake in this Mission together!