Papua New Guinea

Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has an estimated population of over 7 million (with approximately 250,000 Anglicans) and occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands. Over 80% of people live in rural areas, relying on subsistence farming. There is great diversity in the country with over 800 languages spoken.

While there are many educational and health issues in the country Anglican Missions is partnering with ACPNG in the areas of theological training, micro-economic development, evangelism and church administration (which is essential for such a diverse and growing church).

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea (ACPNG) is a young Church, becoming an independent Province within the Anglican Communion in 1978. It is contributing significantly to the health, education and wellbeing of many communities throughout the country at a time of rapid change.

Comprising five dioceses: Port Moresby; Aipo Rongo; Popondota; Dogura, and New Guinea Islands, ACPNG has approximately 170 priests covering 125 parishes, with many more associated out-stations and chapels, serviced by a network of trained catechists and evangelists. Some priests provide a chaplaincy service to a number of specialist ACPNG, or external, institutions and services. Some are involved in theological training at ACPNG's two residential institutions: Newton Theological College in Popondetta and Kerina Evangelists Training College at Tsendiap. The growth in the Church is seeing an ever increasing need for more trained catechists and priests. 

In 2018 the Anglican Missions Board grant for Papua New Guinea supports theological education at Newton Theological College and Kerina Evangelist College as well as supporting the Bishops' ministry/travel.

A large part of this grant comes via the generous support of the H & W Williams Memorial Trust. In addition and to support this, the Anglican Missions approved grant for 2018 is to be NZ$7,500. This grant will specifically cover the cost of at least one person to attend at least one of the two annual meetings of the Anglican Alliance as well as assisting particular project needs of the Church in PNG.

Previous & on-going Partnership Projects



  • Assisting the Province with the costs of developing a sustainable stand-alone Archbishop and enabling the Church to better communicate some of the amazing stories of the ministry they undertake more»
    Archbishop's Office and Provincial Communication
  • Funding continues by H & W Williams Trust in 2018

    The Anglican population in PNG is far flung with every area being isolated. The Bishops need to take various travels by boat and plane to get around their Dioceses.Travel around PNG is not easy; e.g. more»
    Bishop Outreach in Remote Areas
  • continuing support in 2018

    Newton Theological College has a strong and on-going commitment to providing theologically competent and well equipped priests in Papua New Guinea. The day to day life of the College is sustained by more»
    Newton Theological College
  • continuing support in 2018

    Photo: Students of KEC & their families outside chapel after church service, 2016
    Situated in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea at Tsendiap in the remote Lower Jimi, Kerina Evangelists' College is a centre for the training of catechists. It is an isolated place visited by a sole MAF plane on a Friday, weather permitting. Kerina is sited to communicate to the areas that are outside the usual boundaries. Kerina Evangelists' College is supported by ABM (the Australian Board of Mission) as well as Anglican Missions here in NZ. more»
    Kerina Evangelists' College
  • NZD $2,300 in 2013

    Melanesian Brothers Chaplain
  • NZD $1,200 in 2013

  • Support is no longer required

    Projects that have been completed in Papua New Guinea such as the Tractor for Dogura Project from 2011 which was completed through a special appeal. more»
    Finished Projects