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  • By Rev Mike Hawke 29 April 2014

    Lately it has been my practise in the middle of my sermon to pick out from the congregation, without warning, characters to act out the well known parable of “The Good Samaritan.” Up until Sunday I had never experienced anything untoward... but last Sunday this all changed when Rev Bob (ex Dean of Dunedin Cathedral) played a trick on me. more»
    The Good Samaritan's Prank
  • The 2013 Nelson Missions Festival

    By Rev Mike Hawke 29 October 2013

    The Boy Band from the Parish of Havelock set the mood for the Mission Festival GO Fest in the Nelson Diocese last Saturday. With exuberant playing, matched by great singing, the opening songs of 'Amazing Grace' and 'By the Rivers of Babylon' got us off to a great start. Following this were stories of mission. Archbishop Philip shared his experiences in India as a young ordinand... more»
    GO Fest
  • The Waikato/Taranaki Mission Festival at Te Kuiti

    By Rev Mike Hawke 28 June 2013

    Just under 50 mission minded people from all over Waikato and Taranaki Dioceses descended on Te Kuiti to be greeted by our new Archbishop Philip on the 22nd of June 2013. He reminded us of his formative experience as a student at St John's College when he spent a period of time in India. I followed this up with the biblical imperative regarding overseas mission... more»
    Make Time for Missions
  • Thanks for the gift, Trevor!

    By Rev Mike Hawke 5 June 2013

    There are all sorts of ways to support overseas missions and Anglican Missions (AMB). While in Nelson; I met a friend of AMB, the Rev Trevor Squires (photo). As well as being an Anglican Priest, Trevor is an amateur antiques expert and dabbles in a bit of buying and selling. He has a particular interest in "Eucharistic" icons; chalice,pattens, cloth etc... more»
    Eucharistic Antiques
  • The 2013 Christchurch Missions Festival

    By Rev Mike Hawke 4 June 2013

    280 voices singing “How can we sing the lord's song in a strange land” opened the first missions festival held at St Christopher's Avonhead church in Christchurch on the 25th of May 2013. Bishop Justin Duckworth from Wellington wowed the crowd with his stories, humour, and challenges regarding the importance of partnerships in overseas mission. A drama followed with people doubling up in laughter... more»
    Looking Up, Looking Beyond
  • Fear, relief, and Easter

    By Rev Mike Hawke 28 March 2013

    A few months ago I spent the weekend on AMB ministry in the Parish of Opotiki. Later in the day, I decided to get some exercise so went for a run along the beautiful beach nearby. Searching for a shortcut on the way home, I ran along the stop bank but the track suddenly disappeared. more»
  • Gifts on a visit to Papua New Guinea

    By Rev Mike Hawke 17 March 2013

    Guitar strings are hard to come by in Papua New Guinea; it's often easier to buy a new guitar! I had taken 5 sets of strings with me to give away and they were quickly taken. I held on to my last set in case I needed them later in the week for my final presentation in the neighbouring Diocese of Port Moresby. A man approached me while I was there. “Father, can I have a private word with you?” more»
    Guitar Strings