Go on a Mission!

Mission Tip #2

By Canon Robert Kereopa

Probably the best way we know for a Parish or Church group to get connected with overseas mission and to get excited about Jesus call to “GO” - is to just do it! To GO with a Mission Team - on a well organised “Short Term Mission” with an overseas partner.

Here are 5 reasons why your Parish or Youth group should think about organising a Mission Team visit to one of our Partners.

  1. Mission Teams go in response to invitations from our Partners Overseas.
    Many of our Partners want mission teams to visit them and often issue invitations to do so. We have seen Youth teams, Parish teams, Diocesan teams, 3 Tikanga teams and even “Golden Oldies” teams GO to be a blessing in various places – including Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Kuching, Singapore, Cambodia, and Tanzania among others.
  2. Mission Teams Fellowship across Cultures.
    Mission teams have the rare opportunity to fellowship with ‘brothers and sisters in Christ’ across cultures. New cultural forms of worship, ministry and encounter can be experienced and compared with our own customs. We have much to learn from the different cultures around the World and how they relate to other Christian brethren.
  3. Mission Teams can make a real difference.
    Particularly in ‘Third World’ nations, Mission Teams can help fight poverty by uplifting their hosts materially or by supporting small projects. You will be surprised how much difference a small amount of our funding or support can make. Mission teams which provide building help, water, medical, educational, or prayer ministries are often well received.
  4. Mission Teams can encourage the spirit of the host culture.
    The impact of a Mission team visit, particularly to remote areas, should not be underestimated. One member of a team to a remote part of Tanzania was humbled by the comment of one of her hosts who said “You must have tremendous faith to leave your country to come and visit us.” Just through their willingness to Go, Mission teams can bring hope, perhaps reminding their hosts they are not on their own.
  5. Mission Teams can receive more than they give.
    Members of a Mission team can receive so much more in terms of spiritual growth, Mission perspective and calling. Individually, members may feel called to return as long term missionaries, or to go elsewhere. They may also develop a much stronger commitment to the Global Mission that God calls us to.


If you feel called to Go with a Mission team, contact us and we can help your Parish or group get ready. Start praying and you may be surprised how things fall into place! 

Canon Robert Kereopa
Executive Officer, Anglican Missions