Looking Up, Looking Beyond

The 2013 Christchurch Missions Festival

By Rev Mike Hawke

Mike and some ladies at the Missions Festival in Christchurch280 voices singing “How can we sing the lord’s song in a strange land” opened the first missions festival held at St Christopher’s Avonhead church in Christchurch on the 25th of May 2013. Bishop Justin Duckworth from Wellington wowed the crowd with his stories, humour, and challenges regarding the importance of partnerships in overseas mission. A drama by Keeping Good Company followed with people doubling up in laughter at the way the typical parish mission meeting is run.

Stories of short term missions overseas were told as we experience both young and old finding themselves out of their comfort zones in various overseas cities. Tea together meant that the huge crowd could catch up with friends from all over the Diocese. A Question & Answer time gave the opportunity for locals to seek clarification regarding Anglican Missions and overseas mission.

A beaming Bishop Victoria Matthews, proud at the turnout of her diocese with almost every parish represented, was on top form as she asked a poignant question “how did you first meet Jesus?” After that she commissioned over 35 Mission Motivators, covering the whole of the diocese.

The place resonated with hymns of praise as we closed a memorable 4 hour Missions Festival.

Rev Mike


Photo: Mike and some of the guests at the recent Missions Festival in Christchurch, both 92 years old and had a grand time.