Rubbish or Mission?

Seddon Parish Fundraises for Missions

By Canon Robert Kereopa

When I was in the Marlborough district last month, I was fascinated to see how the Seddon Parish raises funds for Missions while providing a civic service at the same time. They collect Rubbish for Missions!

You see, the Seddon district does not have a rubbish collection, so the Parish does it once a year – for a donation which goes to Missions.

Volunteers go to each house to collect the rubbish along with a donation if the householder is able. Then on a designated evening, everyone goes to Rob Campbell’s place in the country for a Missions dinner and a rubbish bonfire. Rob is the Missions motivator for the Parish and is also a lay preacher.

Of course “Rubbish for Missions” is not the only fundraiser the Parish organizes, but it certainly is the most novel. Not only does missions benefit, but the community sees a worthwhile service being provided by the church as well.

Let us know about any novel or interesting fundraisers in your Parish!

Canon Robert Kereopa