Set your own Smart Missions Target

Mission Tip #4

By Emma Gallagher

Each Diocese sets a Diocesan Missions Target at their Synod for how much they would like to donate to Missions in the coming year. Is that all that needs to happen to achieve money for missions and supporting those in need overseas? Not at all. And everyone can do something to help!


  1. Set your own target.
    Do you know how much you've donated to Missions in the past year? This could be through your Church, an appeal, a direct donation. Could you spare more next year?
  2. Make it a SMART target.
    All goals need to be achievable otherwise it is too hard to motivate yourself to do them. Having an end goal is great - "I want to raise $1,000 for Missions this year!" - but break it down into things you can achieve easier with a smaller timeline such as "I will organise a (missions table / quiz night) for next month".
    Remember: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals are the best and most achievable goals.
  3. Use your own skills for Missions.
    Everyone has a unique set of skills. Use these when fundraising or helping those in need. Your goal may be to go on a Short Term mission, TPMC have supported Short Term Mission teams to help overseas and people have used their skills in building, plumbing, educating, relationship building, photography, medical assistance, sorting, cooking, and cleaning. These skills can really help those overseas, whether you use them over there, or here to assist with fundraising for overseas mission.


Emma Gallagher
Communications Officer, Anglican Missions