Connect your Parish by supporting Mission Projects

Mission Tip #5

By Emma Gallagher

Connecting with a project is a great way to focus your giving to missions. At Anglican Missions, all the grants we give to our Partners are divided into projects. Projects can range from a water tank for a Church Community in Fiji, to a Mission Partner in Tanzania.


  1. Read about the projects for 2014.
    The projects section on our website breaks down our grants for 2014 into the partners we are supporting, then the projects for those partners. Have a read through to find out all about the work we are doing this year, and some of the projects which have already been completed.
  2. Select a Project and then Get in Touch with Anglican Missions.
    Once you've selected a project, please contact us and let us know of your selected project. To ensure we do not over–subscribe a project, we kindly ask that you let us know as soon as you have made your pick. To help you spread the word about your project, we can also provide you with posters, photos, power points, and handouts.
  3. Raise money for your Project!
    There are a few easy ways to start raising money for a project. You could collect all those pesky coins that don't fit in your wallet, or set up an automatic payment each month, or run a fundraising event. Fundraising for your project can be a great way of getting other people involved and interested in overseas mission too. For ideas on fundraising and getting yourself and others inspired for overseas mission, check out our Inspire Booklet.


Anglican Missions have projects ranging from community development to evangelism, so there is something to suit everyone. Visit our website to find more information on each of our projects.

You can't decide on a project? You don't need to! You can give a donation to the work of Anglican Missions. Donations to Anglican Missions support all of our projects and partners, as well as supporting the staff, communications, and management of projects - without which none of these projects would happen.

Emma Gallagher
Communications Officer, Anglican Missions