Christian Care Centre

Rainbow Wing Safe House of the Centre was completed in 2017

The Christian Care Centre is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and it is operated as an institution of the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) and staffed by the members of the two female religious orders of the ACOM and a team of volunteers. The Centre often receives up to 30 clients at any one time including adults and children, mostly women and girls. Sixty four percent of Melanesian and Polynesian women suffer abuse and a staggering forty two percent of women think that it is ok for their husbands to beat them. The volunteers from the religious orders depend entirely on operational funds from the Centre to support themselves but very often these funds are not enough because of the increasing costs of keeping the rising number of clients. In many cases, the volunteer sisters would hardly have enough money to pay for even their most basic needs such as tooth paste, new uniforms, shoes, bus fares to visit relatives in the city, and travel costs to their home villages when on annual leave.

This year’s project aims to help complete the Rainbow Wing of the Centre. This will lead to an increased capacity to assist those affected by family and sexual violence and the Centre will be more able to provide improved access to care, counselling service, positive parenting programmes, etc. The Australian Board of Mission has produced an excellent short film about the work of the Christian Care Centre which you can view here

Update on this project