Water For All

$33,000 in 2018

This year’s Water for All project aims to fill the need in six outlying communities within the Vanua Levu and Taveuni Episcopal Unit; and to install six water tanks (which come with their own stands and fittings) to meet every day needs for clean and safe water.

Lliving on outlying farm areas, the villages of Qaraniduna, Vunivau, Vunilagi, Nakama, Dreketi lailai and Lekutulevu comprise 36 families (77 adults and 42 children) in total. During dry seasons, water supplies in these areas are inadequate. This funding will provide water tanks to these communities. The project will be overseen by Anglicare Polynesia and it is anticiapted that the tanks will be up and running in all six communities by November 2018.