All Saints Anglican Church, Fasi, Tonga

Completed 2012 - NZD $5,000


This project will enable the repair of the water tank and new water pipes to be constructed to reach the parishioners. This will ensure the parishioners will have access to safe drinking water. The total estimated cost for the repair and new pipes is $5,000. The community will meet the labour cost.


Photo (top): Creating the foundations for the water tank.

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Update from All Saints Anglican Church's
Facebook Group (August 2012)

"All Saints Parish is a small congregation of 39 families varying from 11 to single (one) members in each, with a total of approximately 161 members . It is also a close community with most of the members living close by to the church compound, so this water tank project is not only for use of the Priest's family and during church activities, it is also for the daily use of the members/community who are without tanks at home. Currently we have one cement tank working but this new addition is much appreciated by all,( rainwater) shortage is not so common in Tonga but we get to experience it during summer so having two tanks will be a great reassurance of more thank enough water supply for All Saints and it's members/commuity. This water supply is only use for drinking/cooking/faikava while tap water is use for other necessities. ...from all of us here at All Saints we thank you for this project making sure that our children and everyone will always have unlimited supply of fresh clean water.......MALO 'AUPITO "

joe5_2.jpg"Foundation (photo right) was constructed with cement blocks and re - inforcements, to hold the 10,000 gallons of drinking water as shown on picture. The weight of the water storage when full of rain water, would be in comparison with a normal family car therefore it was crucial not to overlook the importance of making a solid foundation. There is also an outlet were kids around 7yrs old, can access to it as well. These water tanks are algae resistant and could last up to 75yrs, unless hit by a Tsunami. Thank you all job well done."


From Father Epalahame, All Saints Anglican Church

"Fasi is one of the rural area situated at the capital of Nuku'alofa and for the area as a whole, there are more than 2000 people living in this area, but for my parish there are nearly 300 parishioners. Because of the water problem in Tonga, due to its low lying areas, therefore, the water is always a problem because our area is one of the low area and the water pipe is very weak. Our vicarage is a one storey building and its very hard to receive the water especially during the day when the water is used by everyone. So, that's why we need the tank so that we can get water from it rather than depending on the pipe water for our main source of getting water, and also we don't have water pump to pump the water upstairs."

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Completed Tank