Christianity first came to Aotearoa in 1814, with Samuel Marsden's Christmas Day sermon. The Anglican Missions Board came into existence in 1922, after the settler church in Aotearoa NZ realised that it as no longer a mission receiving church, and the Anglican church could again turn its attention to other parts of the world. So developed a unique system of missionary support in the Anglican Communion where funds are collected from the whole church and distributed to a number of partner societies and partner churches overseas.


Our Three Tikanga Aspect

In 1998 the Board was reconstituted as a three Tikanga Board, representing the global mission interests of Tikanga Pākehā, Tikanga Māori and Tikanga Pasifika. As such we seek to encourage the mission activities of all Anglican parishioners in all sections of the church.

Three Archbishops lead the Church, one for each tikanga, and as at July 2021, they are:

Archbishop Don Tamihere – Tikanga Māori

Archbishop Philip Richardson – Tikanga Pākehā

Vacant at present following the recent passing of the late Archbishop Fereimi Cama – Tikanga Pasifika