AMBAE: Recovery and Resilience Project Appeal

Anglican Missions is joining Anglican Overseas Aid (Australia); the ACT Alliance (an alliance of 152 churches and faith-based agencies globally); Act for Peace (the international aid agency of the Australian National Council of Churches); and Global Mission Partners (formerly the Australian Churches of Christ Overseas Mission Board) in this shared project. The project has the blessing of ACoM and the Anglican Allicance.

As displaced communites return to Ambae, re-establishing livelihoods, repairing shelter and building up cash crops and livestock is a priority.

This project will:

  • provide training and support in adaptive and sustainable agricultural practices;
  • provide crops and garden tools to local communities; and
  • establish, rebuild and train Community Disaster and Climate Change Committees which will be linked with the National Disaster Management Office and will have responsibility for ensuring communities are better able to respond to and prepare for future disasters. This includes training in community hazard mapping; assessing evacuation centres (which are often church facilites) for ‘fit for purpose’ and addressing gender-based violence.

The project responds to a clear need and has long-term sustainable benefits and will directly benefit 540 households who have returned to Ambae. The project builds on work ACoM has already started and aligns strongly with the AAW (Assocation of Anglican Women) project which is funding repairs to the girls dormitories at St Patrick’s College on Ambae.

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