Emergency Appeals - COVID-19, Polynesia

and Cyclone Harold, Vanuatu (both closed)

Polynesia – COVID-19 Emergency Appeal:

Initial Purpose/Background: the COVID-19 POLYNESIA Emergency Appeal supports the Diocese of Polynesia to assist communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. While the Pacific has had relatively few confirmed cases and deaths, if the virus does get a hold, health services will struggle to cope. And many have been affected by reduced income due to lockdown, especially in the tourist industry.

There are 33 Anglican churches in the Diocese of Polynesia and a number of them suffered damage including lost roofs and flooding, following Tropical Cyclone Harold and that provided another need. Responding to the damage was compromised given Fiji and Tonga were in lockdown for several weeks. Suva has seven Anglican churches of which a number are in deprived and vulnerable parts of the city, and across the rest of the country, many of the churches are in small and relatively isolated communities.

The Project has been drawn up by the Diocese of Polynesia and will:

  1. Measure, assess and map levels of vulnerability and parish human and physical resource.
  1. Strengthen the communications capability of the Diocese of Polynesia to prepare and disseminate safety and hygiene promotion messaging (such as social distancing) and mission and ministry outreach material (such as virtual church services) especially to remote parishes where connectivity may be compromised.
  1. Ensure appropriate health care for the elderly is available.
  1. Strengthen food security and opportunities to rebuild livelihoods including purchasing and distributing seeds, seedlings and garden equipment so that families can restore food gardens damaged by the Cyclone.
  1. Establish and stock pre-positioned supplies including hygiene kits.

While aimed at Covid-19, each activity has long-term sustainability outcomes and can be used in preparing for and responding to future natural disasters such as cyclones and flooding.

Read the article in Taonga online (16 April 2020)     

This Google Earth map shows where some of the parishes in Fiji are located - some are in very remote areas.

 As at the end of July, we have raised over $35,000 for this appeal. Read our article (7-8) in the latest Missions Interlink magazine, Aug 2020     


Vanuatu – Cyclone Harold Emergency Appeal:

This Appeal was launched to support response and recovery efforts following Tropical Cyclone Harold (Category 5) which devastated large areas of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Tonga earlier this year leading to loss of life and significant damage to houses, crops and infrastructure.

Our Appeal has contributed to a broader emergency response being implemented by the Anglican Church of Melanesia, the Vanuatu Council of Churches and ADRA with the focus on Santo and Pentecost, both islands that suffered significant damage.

The following two links offer some background:

Message from Bishop Tama of Vanuatu and New Caledonia    An article from ABC News, Australia

Final Report, 20 July 2020 on Anglican Missions contribution towards recovery in Vanuatu (this appeal is now closed).

18 June – earlier updates on both these appeals here

Update of 12 May here on the two appeals.


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THANK YOU for supporting these Appeals and while a challenging time for all of us, in times of crisis, more so than any other time, it is the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalised who are at greatest risk.

A Prayer in a Time of Disaster

Holy One, you are our comfort and strength

in times of sudden disaster, crisis, or chaos.

Surround us now with your grace and peace

through storm or earthquake, fire or flood.

By your Spirit, lift up those who have fallen,

sustain those who work to rescue or rebuild,

and fill us with the hope of your new creation;

through Jesus Christ, our rock and redeemer.