Mirpurkhas Hostel Appeal

Partnered with the Diocese of Christchurch

This Appeal is now closed.

Thank you so much for your generosity. We are delighted to advise that as at 12 November 2020 we have raised $27,770 for the Mirpurkhas Boys Hostel Appeal. 

See our poster here which you can print out for your parish.


Photo to the left shows the first boys back at the Hostel with their Boarding Master, Sept 2020

Please continue to pray for the hostel and region. And give thanks for the amazing response to this appeal to support the hostel so they can continue to offer educational opportunities for marginalised students from remote areas.





See below for the background to this Appeal.

Anglican Missions is partnering with the Diocese of Christchurch and NZCMS with this specific appeal to support the now unfunded hostel at Mirpurkhas, a mission of the Diocese of Hyderabad, Pakistan.

Funds raised will ensure the Mirpurkhas hostel can remain open, enabling marginalised students from remote rural areas to complete their final years of high-school education. Without funds the hostel will not be able to re-open once the government lifts Covid -19 lockdown restrictions.  While the hostel is due to re-open in September, key funders have pulled out because of Covid19. If the hostel doesn’t re-open, current students will not be able to complete their studies. The plan is to raise sufficient funds to enable the hostel to stay open for 8 months from September through to April 2021 (the end of the academic year and exams). This will give the Diocese of Hyderabad time to explore new funding sources.

If you would like to use a power point to promote this appeal in your service please download here


Hostel benefits: The Diocesan hostel programme supports children from marginalised rural backgrounds, allowing them to access education, something many of their parents were not able to do; and to learn life, leadership and vocational skills, and become more resilient, multi lingual and resourceful. Former students have gone on to be leaders in their villages, communities and church.

Not being able to continue their education at the hostel would be life-changing for them.

If they cannot return to school or college now they will never complete their basic qualifications which the diocese has been supporting them towards, many since they were just 6 years old. This means options for livelihood are very limited (probably manual labour in a landlord's fields), compounded by the challenge of increasing numbers out of work in these days.“ NZCMS Mission Partner


Life in this rural area: Bonded labour is still common. Health issues such as polio and TB, malnutrition and measles are challenges these communities face. Waves of locust plagues this year have devastated crops, meaning food shortages are likely. Crops were also not fully harvested this year because of the Covid lockdown and associated travel restrictions. Opportunities for jobs are limited and the Covid 19 pandemic has made life even more insecure for these rural villagers. Accommodation at the hostel enables students to come from remote rural areas to obtain an education.


Support background:  The hostel is an enterprise of the Diocese of Hyderabad. The Christchurch Diocese here in NZ has had links with the Diocese of Hyderabad for a long time with a Cantabrian currently working alongside the Diocese. Hyderabad Diocese, led by Bishop Kaleem, has asked for help from Christchurch Diocese to ensure the hostel does not have to shut.

 Bishop Kaleem is extremely grateful for our support during this difficult time.


My name is Bhemo, I study in 11th grade. I joined the Diocesan Boys’ Hostel, Mirpurkhas in 9th grade because there was no high school close to my home. I want to tell you about my life.When I studied from my village elementary school I was very lazy and not interested in my studies. Also, if anyone asked me to do work or help them I would not do it and always refused them...From living in the hostel and what I have learnt there a lot of changes have come in my life. Now I give respect to my elders and show love to those younger than me. Before coming to the hostel I used to annoy my family and others in the village, I had very bad habits. But this has changed.  Now, when I go to my village I help my father in his work. I respect my elders and I don’t talk back rudely when people ask me to do something. I have gained a lot from being in the hostel, including from the different trainings such as issues of marriage and relationships, small business, but especially about personal growth. I’ve learnt good ways of living my life, how to relate well with others.  I am very thankful to the hostel that it has been so helpful to me. But I am most thankful to God because all this work is His. I pray that God keeps us all safe.

The funds will provide:

Hostel Student Nutrition: Research shows malnutrition is a major issue in the areas these boys come from. Providing students with good nutrition is an important aspect of hostel life and is an important foundation for the day’s studies and activities. Funds will provide three meals a day for the students. Six monthly height and weight checks are carried out along with annual medicals to monitor health and progress.

Life Skills and Leadership Development:  These village boys come from families with minimal resources, families often working as bonded labourers, are orphaned, or have no higher level school facilities in their remote rural locations. Through coming to the hostel these students receive training in life skills to empower them to have better futures for themselves, their families and their communities.There is a student council and a regular programme of sports and social activities. What the students learn they also offer as training to others, including to local schools and their own villages in their holidays. A small laptop lab has been developed which gives the boys a chance to develop basic computer skills.

Educational Expenses: Living in the hostel gives these students access to a holistic education (grades 9-12) and helps with educational costs that include school/college fees, textbooks, stationery, tuition support and exam fees. Education for these boys opens many future opportunities. 

Funds will also buy soap, masks and huge quantities of sanitising materials!


(More student stories and photos)

The price of…

1 flat white ($4.50) will provide breakfast for one day for everyone at the hostel

1 Big Mac combo ($12) will provide one student’s food for two weeks

2 Big Mac combos ($24) will provide food one student’s food for a whole month