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  • now closed

    THANK YOU to all who have donated to this year's Lenten Appeal supporting three projects - two, as is traditional, for the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the third for the Diocese of Mara in Tanzania. Funds raised and distributed were $42,960 (see details below of the amount for each project). This Appeal has now closed. more»
    Lenten Appeal 2020
  • Now closed

    Our Spring Appeal for 2019 focused support on two NZCMS Mission Partner families, one in Costa Rica and one in Cambodia. Both are fairly new Mission Partners having begun their roles in 2018.
    “…prepare the way for the Lord... and the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all people will see it…” (Isaiah 40: 3–5)
    Spring Appeal 2019
  • Now Closed

    Cyclone Idai swept through Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe mid March 2019 affecting 3 million people and causing over 750 deaths. Anglican Missions launched this appeal to support the Anglican Diocese of Niassa as it helps communities affected by the floods to purchase seeds and re-establish crops. Since this event, the strongest cyclone ever to hit Mozambique (Cyclone Kenneth) struck landfall on April 25th flattening villages and either destroyoing or severely damaging over 35,000 houses. It’s come just one month after Cyclone Idai which at the most recent count led to over 900 fatalities across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Bishop Vincente of the Diocese of Niassa in Mozambique contacted Anglican Missions yesterday (30th April) sending a number of recent photos; thanking us for the donations that have already been sent through and asking for ongoing prayer. more»
    Emergency Appeal for Mozambique 2019
  • Thank you for your heartfelt support. This appeal is now closed.

    On behalf of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, and Churches within the worldwide Anglican Communion, Anglican Missions launched a Relief appeal to demonstrate the aroha of the Anglican Church and its members towards the victims and families affected by the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday 15th March 2019.
    Image credit: more»
    (Now Closed) Relief Appeal in support of Mosque Victims 2019
  • Now Closed

    This year Anglican Missions is celebrating 100 years of missions fundraising and support. Since that beginning the Anglican Missions Board has traditionally supported the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East during Lent; and this year is no exception. This year's appeal (now closed) has supported two projects in the Diocese of Jerusalem as well as the Water for All project in Fiji. Parishes can still forward during August any funds not yet sent in. more»
    Lenten Appeal 2019
  • Closed

    These are the projects we supported for our 2018 Spring Appeal (now closed). Support was given for NZCMS Mission Partners Anthony and Anne McCormick who are based in Battambang, Cambodia; the Diocesan Boys' Hostel in Pakistan; and NZCMS Mission Partner, Dawn Daunauda, who is serving in Vanuatu. more»
    Spring Appeal 2018
  • Thank you for your support

    Tropical Cyclone Gita struck a number of Pacific Island countries in February, particularly Tonga. The Category 5 Cyclone was the most severe storm to hit Tonga in over 60 years, causing 2 fatalities, 41 injuries and destroying at least 171 houses. As a result of many generous donations, including AAW and the H&W Williams Trust, over $90,000 has been raised.
    From our Cyclone Gita Emergency Appeal, your donations have helped us purchase two shipping containers which are full of building materials, tools and pre-positioned relief items which have now arrived in the capital, Nuku'alofa, (Friday 6 July). One container will be positioned at St. Pauls Church in Nuku'alofa and the other at All Saints Anglican Church in Fasi. Both will provide well-needed water-tight storage for pre-positioned supplies. The containers and their contents, along with transportation costs and longer-term preparedness work has all been made possible as a result of your generosity.
    Tropical Cyclone Gita Emergency Appeal 2018
  • urgent financial support needed in order to obtain emergency medicine and medical supplies

    We commend to you our Emergency Appeal to support the Al-Ahli Arab Anglican Hospital in Gaza following the tragic events of early May when 61 people lost their lives and 2,768 people were more»
    Emergency Appeal to support the Al-Ahli Arab Anglican Hospital in Gaza - May 2018
  • This Emergency Appeal is now closed - read our updates below

    This Emergency Appeal is now closed - Anglican Missions would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this Appeal. You helped to raise over $17,000! The money raised by Anglican Missions will contribute towards the wider response from the global Anglican Communion. more»
    Emergency Appeal for Papua New Guinea 2018
  • Closed

    READ the results of this Appeal.  And details of the three projects that were supported by the 2018 Lenten Appeal. For this Appeal we partnered with the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle more»
    Lenten Appeal 2018
  • Anglican Missions launched an Emergency Appeal in support of the Anglican Church of Melanesia and its work in assisting with the evacuation of the people of Ambae Island, Vanuatu. The Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM) is at the forefront of the response and making clergy, staff, churches and facilities available. more»
    Emergency Appeal - Vanuatu volcano October 2017
  • Closed

    Read details of the projects supported at our Spring Appeal for 2017. We partnered once again with the Diocese of Hyderabad in Pakistan and with NZCMS. more»
    Spring Appeal 2017
  • Donate for vulnerable, disabled, and malnourished children.

    It brings us great pleasure to introduce the three projects of the 2017 Lenten Appeal. We are very excited to partner with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Anglican Church of Melanesia. more»
    Lenten Appeal 2017
  • May 2017 (Photo courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory 8 May 2017)

    Anglican Missions launched an Emergency Appeal in May 2017 to support people affected by Tropical Cyclone Donna, particularly those in Vanuatu. Tropical Cyclone Donna, a category 5 cyclone with more»
    Cyclone Donna Emergency Appeal (Vanuatu) 2017
  • Maniava Rebuild

    Help a Family to Rebuild their Home!
    Anglican Missions is asking for support towards a post cyclone disaster relief plan, in partnership with the Diocese of Polynesia, to rebuild the village of Maniava in which most buildings were destroyed by TC Winston in February. Thirty-three homes need to be rebuilt at an estimated cost of $7,000 each. For information on how your parish can support a family in Maniava please contact the Anglican Missions office.
    Cyclone Winston Appeal for Maniava - rebuild 2017
  • It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to the projects of the 2016 Spring Appeal. We are very excited to partner with the Diocese of Hyderabad in Pakistan and with NZCMS. This appeal is more»
    Spring Appeal 2016
  • Donate for the Diocese of Polynesia

    Anglican Missions is launching an emergency appeal in the wake of Cyclone Winston. We are asking for your support to provide disaster relief to our brothers and sisters in the Pacific who have been more»
    Cyclone Winston Emergency Appeal 2016
  • Drop-In Centre, Fiji; Clergy Training Accommodation, Gambella and support for new Deacons in Iran – 2016 Lenten Appeal Lent began on Ash Wednesday on the 10th Feb and follows through to more»
    Lenten Appeal 2016
  • Emergency Appeal

    The ‘Cyclone Pam Emergency Appeal’ launched by AMB to assist with relief efforts in the Pacific region, particularly in Vanuatu has received an amazingly generous response. Thank you very more»
    Cyclone Pam Appeal
  • ICU Patient Monitor, Motorcycles and Sunday school Classrooms - 2015 Lenten Appeal

    The 2015 Lenten Appeal has received a fantastic response from Parishes and individuals. The three projects that have been supported by the 2015 Lenten Appeal are: Tarime Clergy more»
    Lenten Appeal 2015
  • Devastating natural disasters and wars strike many of our brothers and sisters across the world. In this time of great need it is also important to remember the people whose lives we, as a Church, have committed to making better. Thank you for supporting overseas mission through Anglican Missions. Each year the Board of Anglican Missions, made up of Bishops, Clergy, and Lay as representatives of each of the Three Tikanga within the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia pledges to support projects within the Churches of Melanesia, Tanzania, and Jerusalem & the Middle East, as well as mission within the Three Tikanga for the Diocese of Polynesia, Tikanga Maori, and Tikanga Pakeha. Significant funding is also pledged to the New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS) to support missionaries. more»
    Spring Appeal 2014
  • Anglican Missions Appeal 2014

    The crisis in Gaza has the hospitals in the region struggling with shortages in medicine, fuel for the electrical generators, and food for patients, staff, and the people in the surrounding community. The Al-Ahli Hospital has suffered structural damage to the ventilation systems in the operating theatre and emergency room, and damage to many windows. Hospital staff are working around the clock receiving the wounded and providing emergency care. You can send your donation to Anglican Missions to support the Al-Ahli Hospital. more»
    Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza
  • Emergency Appeal for the Solomon Islands

    Anglican Missions is launching an emergency appeal in aid of the people of the Solomon Islands subsequent to the recent devastating floods. "The low pressure weather system which brought the heavy rains to the Solomon Islands turned into a tropical cyclone Ita. On Thursday 3rd of April 2014 the storm intensified and heavy down pouring of rain had resulted in devastating flash floods in the Solomon Islands. This is the worst disaster event ever recorded so far in Solomon Islands." ACOM Disaster Report (8th April 2014) more»
    Solomon Islands Appeal
  • Donate for welfare, church growth, & education

    The 2014 Lenten Appeal supported some great projects for the Province of Jerusalem & the Middle East and the Diocese of Polynesia. The Lenten Appeal ran from Wednesday the 5th of March (Ash Wednesday) till Sunday the 20th of April (Easter Day). more»
    Lenten Appeal 2014
  • Donate for education, church growth, & sustainability

    We have some amazing projects this year - growing the church in Iran and Polynesia, technology education for kids in Palestine, and a Transit House in Papua New Guinea to help the Diocese fund projects for women, illiteracy, and the disabled. more»
    Lenten Appeal 2013
  • 2013 Spring Appeal - $23,000 Raised

    The challenges our church has faced over the last year has resulted in a large shortfall in money received vs. money pledged to our partners overseas. Although the giving is down, the Anglican Missions Board made a promise to our partners, and so has made a commitment, in faith, to meet our pledged support to them in 2013. But unless we can raise an extra $60,000 by the end of the year, we will need to reduce our commitment to each of our partners by between 5 to 10 percent next year. That's a lot of mission that can't happen anymore. Can you help us to continue overseas mission by donating today? more»
    Keep Mission Alive
  • December 2012 - Emergency Appeal

    If anyone would like to contribute to the work of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital, to assist them in serving the people of Gaza at this time of conflict, Anglican Missions is able to transfer funds to the Diocese of Jerusalem for the hospital. more»
    Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza
  • November 2012 - Counselling and Welfare Services in the Diocese of Polynesia

    Most of us don't share our pain or distress easily. If we do, we will look for someone we can trust, who we know will listen without judgement or condemnation. The House of Sarah offers a listening ear, support and a place of refuge to those who need it most. There are stories to tell, but we can't tell them as yet. It has drawn many people to its doors who have deep needs for prayer and counselling. more»
    Support the House of Sarah
  • Jerusalem and the Middle East, Landless People in Fiji, and Unite

    The 2012 Lenten Appeal will be supporting Jerusalem and the Middle East, acquisition of land for Landless People in Fiji, and Unite and its Mission Partners. You can choose to donate to one, two or all of the projects in this appeal. Please join with us this Easter to make a real boost to all of these projects. more»
    Lenten Appeal 2012
  • Dinghy and Outboard Motor, Landless People, Jerusalem and the Middle East

    The 2011 Lenten Appeal will be supporting the purchase of a dinghy and outboard motor for the Diocese of Popondota in Papua New Guinea, acquisition of land for Landless People in Fiji, and will continue to support the Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. You can choose to donate to one, two or all of the projects in this appeal. more»
    Lenten Appeal 2011
  • Special Appeal 2010

    In partnership with the people of Dogura, the Anglican Missions Board is asking for your help! We want to provide a tractor for the Dogura community to help them help themselves. The tractor project will provide the community with the means to transport supplies to the local school, health clinic, church and store. It will also help the community in a number of other ways. link»
    Tractor for Dogura
  • September 2009 - Emergency Appeal

    After the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit Samoa on 30th September 2009 Anglican Missions put out an appeal to help with the rebuilding of communities. more»
    Emergency - Pacific Tsunami
  • 2009 - Appeal

    The fundamental aim of the programme is to ensure that each "Carpenter's Kid" receives a school uniform, a pair of shoes, and adequate school supplies to enable them to attend primary school. These children will also be provided with breakfast on school days. The goal is to support 50 children in each of 200 parishes. more»
    Carpenter's Kids
  • October 2011 - Emergency Appeal

    Tuvalu falls within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Polynesia. Archbishop Winston Halapua has just returned from visiting our brothers and sisters there. AMB is launching an appeal on behalf of the Diocese of Polynesia for the people of Tuvalu. Archbishop Winston writes... more»
    Appeal for the People of Tuvalu
  • February 2011 - Overseas Appeal

    The Archbishops and Bishops of the province have launched an appeal to help the Diocese of Christchurch and Te Hui Amorangi Te Waipounamu in their ministry, care and support to their people and parishes and communities affected by the 22 February Christchurch earthquake. link»
    Bishops' Emergency Appeal for Christchurch
  • November 2011 - NZCMS Mission Partners

    The church is excited! Over the last year we have seen a growing number of people moving out to serve in overseas mission. The challenge for the church is to respond by supporting those who are called by God to go. Anglican Missions (AMB) is launching an end of year appeal to raise $160,000, as the number of new mission partners going has overtaken the funding! Can you help? Spread over every church, this is approximately $300 per parish. more»
    Mission on Fire! The Challenge of Growth
  • Emergency Appeal

    The Anglican Diocese of Kurunagala in North Western Sri Lanka are doing all they can to provide assistance to the injured and displaced civilians that have been evacuated from hospitals in the north more»
    Sri Lankan Refugee Casualties
  • April 2009 - Invest in the Theological Education & Training of Future Church Leaders

    In a rapidly changing world I am writing to you to seek your support as AMB invests in the theological education and training of future leaders for the Anglican Church. Many of us have heard the more»
  • September 2011 - Emergency Appeal

    Once again Pakistan has been hit by devastating floods. Over 5.4 million people have been affected in Sindh province, southern Punjab and north-eastern Balochistan. Already 248 people have died, and communities that had barely recovered from the devastating floods of last year have seen their homes and livelihoods destroyed a second time... more»
    Pakistan Flood Appeal