Lenten Appeal 2016

Drop-In Centre, Fiji; Clergy Training Accommodation, Gambella and support for new Deacons in Iran – 2016 Lenten Appeal
Lent began on Ash Wednesday on the 10th Feb and follows through to Easter Sunday on the 27th March.
This year we have three exciting projects that are in need of your support:

  • A Drop in Centre in Fiji for victims of CSEC for the Diocese of Polynesia in Fiji:  The Diocese of Polynesia in Fiji is planning to establish a Drop-In Centre for the young victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). The Drop-In Centre will be based in Suva and will offer a safe refuge for these children to begin the process of healing and restoration. Each child will receive an individual care plan based around five interventions being Medical care, Shelter, Counselling, Training, and Education, as well as incorporating Christian values alongside this practical support.


  • Accommodation at St. Frumentius’ Theological College, Gambella, Ethiopia within the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa: The Gambella region in Western Ethiopia now has over eighty Anglican churches and the attendance and the number of churches is constantly increasing. Even so, there are only sixteen clergy serving this broad array of congregations and of those only one with a theological degree. The Gambella region is in need of theological training to enable clergy to keep up with the requirements of an ever-growing church family. The recently opened St. Frumentius’ Theological College in Gambella fills a critical role in the church of Ethiopia. The priority of the school is to train new and existing clergy. It is the first training facility of its kind in the region and it is also open to other denominations. While some buildings have been completed the college is still in need of accommodation for staff and students.


  • Ministry requirements for new Deacons in the Diocese of Iran:  The Diocese of Iran is one of four Dioceses of the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Members of the Church need much prayer for strength to live their faith.
    Recently three new local deacons have been ordained to serve in three different parishes in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. The Diocese of Iran has asked if Anglican Missions will raise support for these ministries.


It is our prayer that all three churches will find the support that they need and with your help, Anglican Missions is aiming to raise the funds to support at least one of the deacons for one year.
Resources for this Appeal have been sent to Parishes and individual supporters.  However if you wish to donate directly from our website, please click on the ‘donate’ tab on the website for information on how you can make a donation.  Prayers for these Lenten projects will be sent out in an e-news and posted weekly on our facebook page.

If you would like any further information please contact the AMB office.