Letter of thanks from Carpenter's Kids

31st December 2010

Dear friends at the Anglican Missions Board,

Greetings from Dodoma! The Carpenter’s Kids team would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your recent contribution to our ministry. Many of the programs and services we provide to those we serve would not be possible without gifts from people like yourselves, and we are extremely thankful for your generosity.

Your generous Donation to The Carpenter’s Kids Program will be used to provide healthcare to the orphans and other vulnerable children supported by the program. Currently, we are already planning on using the funds for several surgical operations and medical support for Carpenter’s Kids. The logistics of these surgeries are currently being planned, but we anticipate having pictures of the children, both before and after their respective surgeries in the New Year. Thank you for your continued support of The Carpenter’s Kids Program. We look forward to furthering our relationship with the Anglican Missions Board of New Zealand.  

We, the staff of The Carpenter’s Kids, are very grateful for your generous gift. Our 6,415 Carpenter’s Kids, their parents and guardians, and our committee members thank you, as it is with your help that we are able to better serve them and their communities. Thank you for your support of our ministry! Asanteni sana, rafiki zetu! (Thank you very much, our friends!)


The Carpenter’s Kids Team

Rev. Noah, John, Mmoti, Will, Noel, Willy, John Joseph, Daudi, & Stanley