Update on Carpenter's Kids

Extract from Mission Action Dec 2010

Hi everyone, 

I hope you’re well. If you remember, there was a little boy named Jackson from Iringa Mvumi who went to Dar es Salaam to have club feet surgery at CCBRT Hospital in early February. (The surgery cost 70,000TZS per foot.) Jackson came back to Dodoma in early June and somehow all the pictures we took have disappeared so I couldn’t send any then. However, he had to go to Dar es Salaam for a follow up appointment about a week ago. He just got back today and I got a chance to talk with him a bit. He’s able to stand and walk without crutches! He’s still wearing braces on his feet, but the doctors told him that he can start walking around without the braces to help build up strength in his legs and feet again. So exciting!

His whole demeanor has changed. He wouldn’t even talk to me in February, but now he’s very talkative and looked me straight in the eye when he talked to me. I asked him how his grandmother and friends reacted to his surgery. He gave me a huge grin and told me that his grandmother and friends were all surprised and very, very happy. He’ll have to go back to Dar in January for what I believe will be his last follow up appointment. I’ve attached some before and after pictures to this e-mail so you can see the transformation for yourself.

I got tears in my eyes when Jackson took his shoes off...