Theological Education

April 2009 - Invest in the Theological Education & Training of Future Church Leaders

In a rapidly changing world I am writing to you to seek your support as AMB invests in the theological education and training of future leaders for the Anglican Church. 

Many of us have heard the stories of the phenomenal growth of the Anglican Church in Tanzania. In fact, in the Diocese of Western Tanganyika alone they have consecrated more than 100 churches over the last five years as they try to keep up with the growth!

Yet as exciting as growth is, it is not without its challenges.

For example, it is one thing to be growing at such a rapid rate but it is another to provide well trained leaders to ensure that the people become firmly grounded in the Christian faith – especially in those places where Islam is strong.

Elsewhere in places like PNG, the Church has an important role to play in the future development of the nation and so it is essential that leaders be equipped to do so.

One of the single biggest contributions that we can make to our partners long term is to help ensure they have the necessary resources to train clergy and lay leaders to the highest possible standards to do this.

Sadly the effects of the current global financial situation tend to be felt more keenly by our partners than they are by us here in New Zealand as their economies are a lot more fragile. In hard times when they have to make cut backs, the one area that we don't want to see cut back is theological education and training.

With your support we can help our partners maintain their theological education programmes now to help ensure quality leadership for the future.