Baghdad School

Baghdad, Iraq, Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf


Building a New lraq

The Church of St. George’s in Baghdad has a desire to set up a primary school within the compound of the Church, despite the tough situation and insecurity in the country. 

The kindergarten at St George’s was established in the compound three years ago. The kindergarten offers a very modern curriculum, and when the children graduated they didn’t find the local primary schools adequate for the children’s needs. The parents have asked the Church to establish a primary school in order to continue their children’s education at the high level. The kindergarten teachers also have great respect for the children which the parents would like to see continue in their children’s school years which is not always on offer at the other local schools.

The Church has a wish to create a new generation far away from the culture of violence which is prevailing now in the country; a generation which enjoy love, peace, coexistence, and acceptance of others. The message that our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to practice in our lives. A generation which builds a new Iraq and serves the country in particular, and mankind in general.


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