House of Sarah

Suva, Fiji, Diocese of Polynesia

Counsellors.jpgWarm Hearts and Hands in Suva

Most of us don’t share our pain or distress easily. If we do, we will look for someone we can trust, who we know will listen without judgement or condemnation. The House of Sarah is a project of the Anglican Associate of Women (AAW). The objective is to provide a listening ear, a warm heart, a welcoming hand to those who are facing difficulties in their relationships with others.

“Being an obedient wife, I thought that being slapped or pushed and kicked is just normal in a relationship.” (Age 39, House of Sarah Workshop Participant)

The House of Sarah also organises workshops for women (photo: women attending a workshop in Lautoka) to teach them basic knowledge and skills around topics such as: gender awareness, gender based and domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and sexual harassment. These women can then help more people in their community when these issues arise. The workshops also teach UN Conventions on discrimination against women and children’s rights.

Recently the House of Sarah was recognised by the United Nations for the wonderful work it is carrying out throughout Fiji. This recognition assisted with the cost of running workshops all over the Diocese of Polynesia.

The House of Sarah needs our help to continue to provide counsellors to people who really need them. Your donation can change lives.


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