Lenten Appeal 2011

Dinghy and Outboard Motor, Landless People, Jerusalem and the Middle East




Until now, about a quarter of Anglican Churches have participated in the annual Anglican Missions Jerusalem and Middle East Appeal. This year we are expanding the Appeal to give all parishes and individuals the opportunity to support and connect with a project. Our prayer is that not only will the Appeal raise funds for these projects, but that it will raise awareness of the overseas mission work of the Anglican Church.

In 2010 Anglican Missions staff visited both Papua New Guinea and the Diocese of Polynesia to find out more about how the work we are supporting is making a difference. What struck us most of all is that so much is being achieved with a relatively small amount of money. It was also very humbling to experience the appreciation amongst all the people we visited for the work we are doing together.

The 2011 Lenten Appeal will be supporting the purchase of a dinghy and outboard motor for the Diocese of Popondota in Papua New Guinea, acquisition of land for Landless People in Fiji, and will continue to support the Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. You can choose to donate to one, two or all of the projects in this appeal.

Please join with us this Easter to make a real boost to all of these projects.

You can download the resource sheets for each of the projects by clicking the image above.


For those Parishes who have already adopted either the Dinghy or the Land Acquisition projects we hope the Lenten Appeal will help you to further promote the project in your Parish and support your other fundraising initiatives.



The Lenten Appeal for 2011 is Supporting: 


  • The Diocese wants to purchase a dinghy to enable parishes and mission districts to be visited, supplies delivered to schools, health centres and communities and to transport goods from the remote communities to markets for much needed cash. link»
    Papua New Guinea - Dinghy and Outboard Motor
  • The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, a diocese of the worldwide Anglican Communion, extends over five countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Israel, within the more»
    Jerusalem and the Middle East
  • In Fiji over 200 people of Melanesian or Indian descent, many of whom are children, face the threat of eviction. The Diocese of Polynesia is working to address the situation. These people are often living in nothing more than a rusty shack in a poverty-ridden slum. The land they have been living on for many years is being taken for development or is being sold by the landowner. The Diocese of Polynesia has been working hard for a number of years to identify ways to secure the land and negotiations with landowners and the Government continue. What is clear is that in some areas, time is running out and that action will need to be taken (including the purchasing of land) over the next 12 to 18 months or people will be left homeless. link»
    Polynesia - Landless People
  • Information Sheets and a helpful sheet for parishes to use to record who has donated to each appeal. Feel free to download and print as many as you more»
    Resources for the Lenten Appeal