Lenten Appeal 2012

Jerusalem and the Middle East, Landless People in Fiji, and Unite



The 2012 Lenten Appeal will be supporting Jerusalem and the Middle East, acquisition of land for Landless People in Fiji, and Unite and its Mission Partners. You can choose to donate to one, two or all of the projects in this appeal.

Please join with us this Easter to make a real boost to all of these projects.

For those people who have already adopted the Landless People project or are supporting Unite we hope the Lenten Appeal will help you to further promote the project in your Parish and support your other fundraising initiatives.






3 December 2012 - Gratitude from Jerusalem and the Middle East
31 July 2012: Reached $30,000 - keep the donations coming!
2 May 2012: First batch of donations forwarded on!
4 April 2012: Prayer Points for Week 6 are out now!





  • Now contains Weeks 1 to 6

    Prayer Points Week 6: Goals of Ras Morbat, Nursery plans, severe weather in Fiji, Joanna and RACs. Prayer Points Week 5: The Hookings, Murray and Fey, Women at the Ras Morbat Clinic and teacher training for Nurseries. more»
  • NZCMS Mission Partners serving around the world.

    Unite is about connecting out Church's Mission Partners with their supporters. It is a joint programme between Anglican Missions and NZCMS to ensure that enough support is given to keep all the Mission Partners on the field. Without your help, the important work our Mission Partners do cannot be completed. more»
  • Namara and Nadawa in Fiji

    10 families in Namara and 12 families in Nadawa are facing the threat of eviction as the 100 year leases of the land they are living on have expired and the owners now wish to develop the land. The Diocese of Polynesia is helping the Namara families to move to a new settlement – Tacirua East – but needs financial assistance to secure the new leases. The Diocese is also hoping to purchase the Nadawa land outright and act as landlords to the Nadawa people offering them guaranteed tenure. more»
    Landless People
  • In 2012 funding for Jerusalem and the Middle East is going to two projects.

    Ras Morbat Clinic in Aden
    Since its beginning the general department of the clinic has provided primary health care to the poorest people in the local community.

    Creating a Future for Children in Egypt
    EpiscoCare realises the significance of a good beginning in life and believes in the importance of building parents' awareness about the rights of the child and how they can be effective parents and give good life skills to their children. more»
    Jerusalem & the Middle East
  • Information Sheets and a helpful sheet for parishes to use to record who has donated to each appeal. Feel free to download and print as many as you like! more»