Landless People

Namara and Nadawa in Fiji



10 families in Namara and 12 families in Nadawa are facing the threat of eviction as the 100 year leases of  the land they are living on have expired and the owners now wish to develop the land. The Diocese of Polynesia is helping the Namara families to move to a new settlement – Tacirua East – but needs financial assistance to secure the new leases. The Diocese is also hoping to purchase the Nadawa land outright and act as landlords to the Nadawa people offering them guaranteed tenure.



The Melanesian Community has been living in part of the Namara Settlement for the past 100 years. Their land lease expired 25 years ago but the 10 families (about 50 people) remained as squatters in the settlement hoping that the land lease would be renewed by the landowners


There are 12 families in Nadawa and have been occupying the land for the past 50 years. They have been squatters on land that is owned by the Nasinu Land Purchases Co-operative. Discussions are being held so that the land can be purchased out-right as the owners are willing to sell 3.4 acres to the Church.