Prayer Points and Information Snippets

Now contains Weeks 1 to 6


Prayer Points Week 6

Goals of Ras Morbat, Nursery plans, severe weather in Fiji, Joanna and RACs.


Prayer Points Week 5

The Hookings, Murray and Fey, Women at the Ras Morbat Clinic and teacher training for Nurseries.


Prayer Points Week 4

Focussing on Iri and Kate, Rosie, Vocational Training at Ras Morbat, and support for parents in Egypt.


Prayer Points Week 3

Unite partner Marion, the Landless Children, and healthcare in Yemen and Egypt.


Prayer Points Week 2

The Sussex Family, types of leases for Landless People, training locals in Yemen and teaching children in Egypt.


Prayer Points Week 1

Eye Department at the Ras Morbat Clinic, building a nursery in Egypt, moving the Namara Families, Unite Partners Jo, Anne and Anthony.