Ordinands & Technology

Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East - Lenten Appeal 2013

lenten2013_techdepartment.jpgHistorically donations for the Anglican Missions Lenten Appeal were gifted to the Province of Jerusalem & Middle East. The Province divided this gift between its 4 Diocese. In 2012 donations for this province went to the Diocese of Cyprus & the Gulf and the Diocese of Egypt & North Africa. This year the Province has asked for support for the Diocese of Iran and Diocese of Jerusalem.



Ordinands in Training

Diocese of Iran

The Ordinands project aims to provide trained pastoral leadership to those serving the Anglican Church in Iran. This is an amazing step for the future of the Church in Iran.

The Diocese of Iran currently have three ordinands who they hope to place as Deacons alongside their clergy. Please pray for their new ministry in Parish life. No doubt the road ahead of them is full of challenges and opportunities as well as some apprehensions.


Tech for Kids

Palestine, Diocese of Jerusalem

The technology programme at the Episcopal Technological & Vocational Training Center (ETVTC) equips students with practical skills and is key to the futures of young people in Palestine. The ETVTC is working on improving its technology programme to ensure good quality education can be provided in this area, opening doors for their students as they grow up in an environment where technology education is limited.

This project will help the school to buy computers, chairs, and a server for their technology department.


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