Mission Support

Diocese of Polynesia - Lenten Appeal 2013


Support the clergy of Polynesia. About 21 stipendiary clergy and 6 non-stipendiary clergy are supported by this Anglican Missions Board project. This is in recognition of the evangelism, mission and outreach work that they are involved with which is an on-going programme of the Diocese.

Mission Support funds ministers such as Fr Salacieli Koroi in Naviavia (photo right).

The Anglican Church in Polynesia has 26 parishes spread over 4 countries – Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga as well as 4 parishes in New Zealand.

In Fiji each parish has a number of worship centres many of which have congregations in excess of 100 people. Most priests are self-supporting or “worker” priests who work between 20 and 30 hours a week carrying out their ministry duties while still undertaking their role as the main providers for their families which in the rural areas involves maintaining a small subsistence plot of land.

In many rural locations the local Anglican Church is the focal point of the community with a number of them operating the only preschool/kindergartens in the area. Many church members are seasonal workers and even then they earn only a very small amount. As a result many churches are a long way off being able to fund their own Priest.

The Church in Polynesia wants to grow the number of priests who are able to minister fulltime without the added stress of also working fulltime to provide for their families. This can be achieved for as little as NZD$100 a month in some rural centres.


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