Transit House

Diocese of Aipo Rongo, Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea - Lenten Appeal 2013

lenten2013_TransitHouse.jpgThe Diocese of Aipo Rongo in Papua New Guinea is working towards becoming self sufficient. They are building a Transit House in Mt Hagen to enable the Diocese to raise its own money.

Once the Transit House is up and running revenue from it will go towards clergy training, musical instruments, books, and projects to support women, illiteracy, and the disabled people within the Diocese.

This project raises funds for the remaining plumbing, electrical fittings, doors, painting, beds and bedding, and whiteware. 

The Transit House is a mini hostel/inn/hotel for the travelling public. It will also be used by people from all walks of life including priests, bishops, catechists and other church workers whenever they are in town conducting church business. The Diocese of Aipo Rongo already has a smaller Transit House in operation which has proven to be viable, therefore the Diocese and local parish St Michael’s are venturing into a much bigger one.

There is a shortage of good and safe accommodation in Papua New Guinea. The Diocese of Aipo Rongo and St Michael’s Parish can help to provide this service in Mount Hagen, the third largest city in Papua New Guinea.


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