Lenten Appeal 2017

Donate for vulnerable, disabled, and malnourished children.

It brings us great pleasure to introduce the three projects of the 2017 Lenten Appeal. We are very excited to partner with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Anglican Church of Melanesia. This appeal has a major focus on children and will support:

  • The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre for children with disabilities: This Centre was established in 1965 as a home for children with physical disabilities especially those suffering from polio paralysis. The Princess Basma Centre for children has an overall vision to see that all children with disabilities have access to quality health services, hope and opportunities. Funds received for this project will be used as to provide advanced equipment and tools in order to ensure high quality, effective, comprehensive rehabilitation services to people with disabilities int he occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem. 
  • Comprehensive Services for Underweight Poor children with disabilities, Gaza Strip, Palestine: This project will support the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in the provision of comprehensive services for underweight children in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. The treatment follows a comprehensive medical approach and includes measurements, completion of medical history and registration, physical examination, evaluation of nutritional status and other important tests, prescription of medication where needed, and the provision of fortified nutritional biscuits for nourishment and weight gain. The majority of treated children are discharged in better weight and in good health.
  • Rainbow Wing Safe House, Solomon Islands: This project will support the continued development of the Rainbow Wing Safe House at the Christian Care Centre in the Solomon Islands. The aim of the Rainbow Wing is to provide a safe and supportive caring environment that is free from all forms of sexual harassment, violence and abuse for the most vulnerable groups – women, youth and children. The Rainbow Wing will provide access to care, counselling services, positive parenting programs, rehabilitation and education. 

The Lenten Appeal projects for 2017 are very special and will make a huge difference in the lives of many people who are in need of support. If your parish has not received Lenten Resources pleace contact the office at 04 473 5172, or email info@angmissions.org.nz. 

If you would like to donate to the Lenten Appeal, head to our donate tab above for payment information.

Please keep these projects in your prayers, especially throughout the Lenten season.