Rainbow Wing - Safe House

Anglican Church of Melanesia – Solomon Islands

Christian Care Centre (CCC)

The Rainbow Wing is a project in development at the Christian Care Centre (CCC) in the Solomon Islands.The aim of the Rainbow Wing is to provide a safe and supportive caring environment that is free from all forms of sexual harassment, violence and abuse for most vulnerable groups – women, youth and children. The Rainbow Wing will provide access to care, counselling services, positive parenting programs, rehabilitation and education.

Sixty four percent of ever-partnered women, aged 15-49 in the Solomon Islands have experienced physical and/or sexual violance from an intimate partner. Sexual and physical violence are often accepted and normalised and gender-based violence is seen as a private matter. Seventy three percent of women in the Solomon Islands believe that it is acceptable to be emotionally, physically or sexually abused by their future partner, indicating intergenerational transmission of violence. 

It is imperative in this situation to provide support services for women and children who experience violence. In the Solomon Islands, CCC is the only recognised organisation that provides safe housing for women and children seeking refuge from violence. Since 2005, the CCC has provided counselling, mediation, and temporary accommodation for survivors of violence. 

The building phase of the rainbow wing has been completed but the management is needing to icrease the capacity of the building to cater for the large number of clients accessing their services. Funds raised from this appeal will go toward on-going building and equipping of the rainbow wing facilities and continued support for even more people by providing vulnerable groups who are survivors of violence with improved access to care, counselling services, and positive parenting programs. 

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