The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

East Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre was established in 1965 as a home for children with physical disabilities especially those suffering from polio prarlysis. It is recognised by the Ministry of Health as the only Palestinian Centre that provides comprehensive rehabilitation services that include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech and language therapy, music therapy, sensory therapy, and recreational activities, inaddition to psycho-social support. This is accompanied with a Mother Empowerment program. 

The unstable political situation in Palestine has negatively impacted the economic and social life of the people. The job opportunities are significantly decreasing, the income of people living in Palestine is significantly affected; parents are not able anymore to afford the basic needs of their children including food, health and education. With this poor economic sotuation of the families, parents who have children with disabilities are suffering most as they are not able to cover the expenses of the rehabilitation and treatment cost for their children. 

The Princess Basma Centre for children with disabilities is providing a series of quality specialised rehabilitation services for all needy people who can’t afford the services and where the income coming from patients themselves and the Ministry of Health is very minimal and can’t fully cover the costs of treatment. Given this, the centre’s resources are strained and thus challenges the current programming, operation as well as the sustainability of services provided to patients. 

The centre has an overall vision to see that all children with disabilities have access to quality health services and inclusive education, can participate and have influence, have hope and opportunities. The overall goals of the centre are to facilitate the full integration and empowerment of children with disabilities and their families in the community through physical rahabilitation, inclusive education and capacity building; to develop and implement best approaches for physical rehabilitation and inclusive educationand transfer this knowledge at the national level; and to advocate for the rights of children with disabilities and influence policy and legislation in regards to the best interest of the children with disabilities. 

Funds received for this project will be used to provide advanced equipment and tools in order to ensure high quality, effective, comprehensive rehabilitation services to people with disabilities in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem. The equipment purchased will include “Imoove: Dynamic musculoskeletal rehabilitation’ – an innovative full-body workout machine; ‘Radial spec1: Shock Waves’ – for treating superficial orthopaedic pathologies; ‘Rehab 400’ – for rehabilitation in Orthopedics, Neurology or Sports medicine; ‘Intellect-advanced-combo’ – combination electrotherapy and ultrasound; balance and exercise tools; measurement tools; disposable materials; gait-training aids; correction mirror, metal frame, on wheels, ENRAF 168x60cm. 

Providing the centre with the needed equipment and tools will help it to continue responding to great need in the area by providing high quality and efficient services to all patients coming from impoverished backgrounds with no ability to pay for their treatment. This project will support the wellbeing of disadvantaged children with disabilities as well as contributing toward the financial sustainability of the centre. The new equipment will mean that the duration of the rahabilitation process will be reduced and the accommodation duration/cost will be reduced accordingly.