Lenten Appeal 2018


READ the results of this Appeal. 

And details of the three projects that were supported by the 2018 Lenten Appeal.

For this Appeal we partnered with the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East and the Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation in Uganda. This Appeal has a focus on children and will support:

The Savior Evangelical School in Zarka, northeast Jordan:               

This school educates over 300 children from many of the poor and marginalized communities of Zarka-Amman.  Through this Lenten project, the school hopes to purchase six smart boards (also known as  interactive digital whiteboards) for their classrooms, which will revolutionise their ability to teach skills for this new digital age. While the smart boards can function as normal classroom whiteboards, they also enable the teacher to write on their own digital device from anywhere in the room and it shows on the board for the whole class.

The staff at the Savior Evangelical School dream of growing students who can live-out their faith in an increasingly technological world, where their creative skills and knowledge will help them find employment in a world-wide market.  The smart boards will help to provide some of the most up-to-date educational opportunities for the students, even though they come from marginalized, vulnerable and needy segments of the community and would never be able to afford this kind of education. Funds raised for this project will cover the cost of funding and connecting these smart boards.

The Rwenzori Special Needs Foundation [RSNF], Uganda

is a local non-government organisation, which is serving children with disabilities in the Fort Portal region of Uganda since 2010.  Fort Portal, which is a very poor area of Uganda, is at the foot of the Rwenzori mountain range that borders Congo. RSNF’s mission includes promoting spiritual growth, self-esteem and positive attitudes towards parents and children with special needs at a community level.  Through their commitment to recognising and equalizing children’s rights, RSNF enables children and their families to access resources and opportunities so they can achieve their full potential.  The Foundation believes that “every child with a disability is a child first, unique in their abilities and their potential, and equal in their rights to survival, education, health, protection, recreation and rehabilitation.”  

One of the most pressing needs is that most of the families of children with disabilities have no means of transport to get their children from outlying homes to hospital and to other areas of help for them.  The Foundation’s only van is now beyond repair, and the temporary motorbike they are currently using is totally unsuitable for transportation over very rough terrain. Through our Lenten Appeal 2018, we hope to provide RSNF with a reliable Land Cruiser that can safely transport these precious children and their families.       See Further information and photos from the RSNF

The Arab Episcopal School, in Irbid, a city in the north of Jordan

specialises in educating blind and visually-impaired children who don’t have any local options for education.  In Jordan, children who are blind or visually-impaired are usually kept out of the public sphere, for fear of bringing shame on their families.  Consequently, blind or visually-impaired children often miss out on opportunities to learn to read and write, and also to engage in normal social interaction. The school currently educates 17 blind, 17 low-vision and 225 sighted students.  The visually-impaired students are at a disadvantage when it comes to reading materials, so the school purchased a Topolino smart camera two years ago.  This smart camera magnifies the words in a way that enables the visually-impaired students to learn to read.  This has proved so effective that the school is keen to purchase three more smart cameras so that more students can use this technology.   

In addition to these cameras, the school is also keen to purchase a PIAF Tactile Graphics machine, which transforms the print of normal textbooks and reading materials into raised-line reproductions that blind students can use.  The machine prints onto special swell paper, which raises the images above the surface of the paper so that they can be read by passing fingers over them. 

Anglican Missions is keen to purchase a number of packs of the swell paper as well as provide funding for the three more smart cameras.

Any donation to these worthy causes will be greatly appreciated and will make a difference and impact the lives of many children and their families. Please help us to enable these ministries to flourish and to continue to help those in need.

Lenten Appeal resources have been sent to Parishes and individual supporters. Please do contact the office at (04) 4735172 or email support@angmissions.org.nz if you would like more envelopes or have any questions. Details of how to donate are on our ‘donate’ tab in this website.

Please keep these projects in your prayers especially during the Lenten season. Here are some prayer points