Lenten Appeal 2019

Now Closed

Update: This Appeal will close at the end of July 2019.

As at 11th July, we have received the following donations towards the projects outlined below:

  • Christ Anglican School: approx. $8,000
  • HLID: approx. $8,000
  • Water for All, Fiji: approx. $12,000


Here are the details of the three projects being supported by the 2019 Lenten Appeal:

Christ Anglican School in Nazareth:

Christ Anglican School is located in Nazareth, one of the most populous Arab cities in the Galilee. The school covers a range of ages with a kindergarten, elementary, intermediate and secondary departments. The School is considered an oasis of peace and a place of dialogue and living together for Christians and Muslims.

Communication is vital and the School would like to install a sound system which will enable the school management to timely and effectively communicate messages and announcements to the students, teachers and staff, whether it is to the whole school of to a particular room or via a paging system. The School gym is often used to host sports and other events that draw crowds of all sizes. The proposed communication system will be ideal for these events as well as for teachers and students in their daily learning environment. It will also be an asset for emergencies.

The project will take approximately 12 weeks to complete and will benefit the whole student body of 1,100 students, teachers, administrative and support staff; and ultimately 5,600 family members who participate at various times in the life of the school.

The budget for this project from the Diocese of Jerusalem equates to just under NZ$15,000.

Pray with us for this project.

Holy Land Institute for Deaf and Deaf-Blind students in Salt, Jordan (HLID):

The Institute was founded in 1964 as a small deaf school on the site of a former missionary hospital in Salt, Jordan. It has grown into an institute of 12 departments that provide educational opportunities for deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind children. Through a variety of workshops and training opportunities, this project will help meet the unique needs of children and young adults who have combined vision and hearing losses. Family members learn the best communication mode to use and how to relate to their children and young adults more effectively. Staff and volunteers will receive greater knowledge and understanding to successfully advocate for, educate and support the students.

Funding is requested for an 8-12 week programme which includes:

  • an awareness raising workshop for family and students
  • field visits to families at home
  • Enrolment fees for 15 deaf-blind children into the project
  • In-house training for professionals in understanding the behaviour of deaf-blind children and how to relate to them
  • training workshops for family members, including learning pro-tactile touch language.

As well as offering support to deaf and deaf-blind children, this project will assist their parents and peers in raising awareness and understanding within the community. Most importantly it helps transform the lives of the students to enable them to become active participating members within their communities. We are hoping to raise NZ$10,000 towards this project.

Pray with us for this project.

Water for All in Fiji:

The provision of a safe water supply, and one that meets the needs of local communities, is an ongoing need in Fiji.  As a result of increasing population, poor land-use planning and the impact of climate change, traditional water supplies in many areas no longer meet needs. Water supply projects, especially the installation of water tanks, have been regularly supported over the years by Anglican Missions, and also specifically the Association of Anglican Women.

The third project is the planned installation of water tanks in five communities in Vanua Levu; and at Holy Trinity School in Suva.
Details are as follows:

  • Vatia/Labasa – this community is currently drinking from piped water from the government but most of the time water is not available. A new tank will serve 5 Anglican and 3 Hindu families.
  • Koronibalagi – currently families drink from a creek which is drying up. The tank will provide a safer and more reliable water supply.
  • Kasavu – families have moved to this new location so that they can get access to some water supply. Currently have to walk about 2 km to collect water from the neighbouring village of Qaraniduna.
  • Vucivuci – this is an area of farmland and the local community is currently drinking from a creek. A tank will be a safer and more reliable source of water.
  • Levuka Lailai – 6 families living here have relocated closer to the road so that they can benefit from water delivered by the government. A tank will be of great benefit.
  • Holy Trinity School – has a roll of 796 pupils. The school, like other parts of Suva, has water disruptions which cause problems for the school. The current 2 tanks are not adequate, and two more are recommended.  One will be provided through the Diocese of Polynesia, and the PTA will provide the second.

We are hoping to raise approximately NZ$10,000 towards the supply of these water tanks.

Pray with us for this project.

A donation to any of these worthy causes is greatly appreciated.

Lenten Appeal resources have been sent to Parishes and individual supporters.   ‘How to Guide’ – Lenten Appeal booklet 2019

Please do contact the office at (04) 4735172 or email info@angmissions.org.nz if you would like more envelopes or have any questions. Details of how to donate are on our ‘donate’ tab in this website.

Please keep these projects in your prayers especially during the Lenten season. Here are some prayer points