Lenten Appeal 2020

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2021 Update: Reports on the spending of monies raised for this appeal have been received from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem –

Penman Medical Centre, Zababdeh project report     

Princess Basma Centre project (Sustaining rehabilitation by online sessions for children with disabilites and their families during Covid pandemic)










The 2020 Anglican Missions Lenten Appeal supported:

The Penman Medical Centre in Zababdeh (requested by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem)

The Penman Medical Centre is located in the small village of Zababdeh, north of Jerusalem and south of Nazareth. The village is one of the few remaining Christian villages left in Palestine. With limited access to medical services in Jerusalem and surrrounding cities, particularly due to the unstable political situation, people are struggling to meet basic needs. The Penman Medical Centre is requesting support for urgently needed medical equipment to improve its screening and diagnostic capacity, so that they detect diseases early before conditions become more complicated and expensive to treat.

They are also going to purchase a generator, which has recently become a requirement for medical centres in Palestime to have in order to renew their medical licences.

Thanks to your generosity we raised $14,491.16.

A note of interest – this medical centre was named after Archbishop David Penman, 10th Archbishop of Melbourne from 1984-1989. Sadly he died in office, aged only 53.


The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre for children with disabilities (requested by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem)


This Centre provides comprehensive rehabiliation services for children with disabilities from Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip. The unstable policitical situation has contributed to a very poor economic situation for most families especially parents of children with disabilites. The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre provides rehabiliation services for those who can't afford that assitance otherwise. 

As part of the Centre's work, one of the main goals is to protect children from abuse and to ensure their safety at the Centre's departments. Specific training is planned for rehabiliation staff to ensure the Centre continues as a safe place for children. The training will also help team building and communication skills. 

Given its scarce financial resources the Centre is unable to cover the cost of this training; which will be of great benefit to their work in providing a high quality comprehensive rehabiliation service to children with disabilities who come from imporverished backgrounds and with little ability for their families to pay for their treament.

Thanks to your generosity we raised $13,732.60.

Update: Due to Covid-19 lockdowns the Centre was unable to hold training for staff. However approval was given by Anglican Missions for the funds for this project to be used for online therapy sessions which provided training and empowerment for the mothers of the children with disabilities. These sessions were carried out during lockdown.






Roofing of churches in the Diocese of Mara, Tanzania (requested by the Anglican Church of Tanzania)

Roofing of churches is the most difficult part of construction in Tanzania mainly because the materials are not locally available and so need to be purchased.
Most of the parishioners earn less than $2 a day. Bishop George of the Diocese of Mara has asked the Anglican Church of Tanzania for assistance. 

Parishioners of three churches in this diocese have built good church buildings but have exhausted their resources to complete the roofs. 

Details of the three parishes are as follows:
Ikoma Parish – this parish is located at the edges of the Serengeti wildlife park, and occasionally elephants break into the village and eat their crops. One of the church members said “please don’t put grass roofs on your church unless you are prepared to come to church and find elephants have eaten your roof!” It does sound funny but there is a real issue of safety there as well. The aim is to put a colour bond iron roof on that church.

Maburi Parish – also located in the Serengeti, about 70 kilometres from the elephants.  They have undergone a tremendous transformation in recent year and have been reaching out to the local community. The Parish decided to renovate its vicarage so that it can have a fulltime vicar who will enable the established ministry to thrive. A roof is urgently needed before the hard work that is done is destroyed by rain.

Bunda Parish – this parish is a bit different from the other two.  It’s in a small town of about 50,000 people located on a transnational highway from North Africa to South Africa. Their roofing project is more costly than that of the other two parishes. Bunda is also a headquarters for the government district administration offices and the majority of parishioners are civil servants. The town is growing so the need for a suitable church building is very necessary.

Thanks to your generosity we raised $14,736.24.

   Please continue to pray for our projects.