Maniava Rebuild Update 2017

Following Cyclone Winston a particular focus was on the rebuilding of Maniava village – a village in a a remote area which was badly affected from the Cyclone, losing most of its buildings and having thirty-three homes needing to be rebuilt.

One hundred and thirty eight people in Maniava have lost their homes, among these are children and young people.The main income in Maniava comes from the land. People have planted yagona (kava) together with food crops to sell mostly in the market in Rakiraki. Most of these crops were destroyed.

Re-establishing the crops has been hard work and the first re-plant was affected by drought.

However, our church has responded admirably to the appeal with support also coming from Australia (AOA and AMB) and the USA (ERD and the diocese of Texas).  $136,000NZ was raised.  The rebuilding is moving ahead slowly and is being overseen by the Diocese of Polynesia Care Committee, with many contributing to the rebuild effort.

The Children's hostel which was destroyed in the Cyclone is nearing completion. This is a vital building as children from neighbouring villages as well as Maniava children stay there during the school week. The hostel also doubles as an emergency shelter. WC Outhouses and septic tanks are being installed.
The first house built in Maniava replacing tents and iron sheet shelters was for the eldest woman in the village. Six houses are now complete, with sufficient funds to complete 15 in total. The villagers are doing the building work, leaving little time to tend to crops. Also, foundations for the new "church of the Resurrection" have started to be built. When finished the church will act as a solid emergency shelter.

Here is a power point about the Maniava rebuild.  Parishes are welcome to use this at mission events.