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2013 Spring Appeal - $23,000 Raised


This year, overall giving for overseas mission through Anglican Missions from the Church is down from where we expected it to be. Many parishes have kept their passion for overseas mission going strong, but it has been a challenging few years for our Church, and some Parishes have had to rethink their missions support. Although the giving is down, the Anglican Missions Board made a promise of support to our partners, and so has made a commitment, in faith, to meet our pledged support to them in 2013.

But unless we can raise an extra $60,000 by the end of the year, we will need to reduce our commitment to each of our partners by up to 4% percent next year. That’s a lot of mission that can’t happen anymore. So far we’ve been greatly encouraged by the generous support from our individual database.

Can you help us to continue to support overseas mission by donating today?

Donations to Anglican Missions help with things such as...

  • $100 assists a voluntary Priest in Fiji for a month to make ends meet
  • $200 a week assists the Diocese of Polynesia to be prepared for natural disasters such as floods, and continue to help those living in poverty, dealing with HIV/AIDs, and community development
  • $500 a week keeps the average NZCMS mission partner on the field
  • $830 a month assists the House of Sarah to offer training and counselling services to women in Fiji to combat domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and sexual harassment

Every donation, no matter the size, assists people all over the world. By donating to this appeal, you are helping to secure the future of overseas mission, and ensure it is a bright one.

In Christ’s service

Canon Robert Kereopa
Executive Officer

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