Spring Appeal 2014

Spring Appeal 2014Devastating natural disasters and wars strike many of our brothers and sisters across the world. In this time of great need it is also important to remember the people whose lives we, as a Church, have committed to making better.

Thank you for supporting overseas mission through Anglican Missions. Each year the Board of Anglican Missions, made up of Bishops, Clergy, and Lay as representatives of each of the Three Tikanga within the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia pledges to support projects within the Churches of Melanesia, Tanzania, and Jerusalem & the Middle East, as well as mission within the Three Tikanga for the Diocese of Polynesia, Tikanga Maori, and Tikanga Pakeha. Significant funding is also pledged to the New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS) to support missionaries.

Anglican Missions pledges support to projects including:

  • Keeping NZCMS Mission Partners on the field including Nick and Tessa Laing who are in Uganda sharing their skills in medicine and strategizing for social change, and Rosie who works in Egypt assisting the Diocese in Project Development. On average $500 a week keeps a Mission Partner in the field helping communities.
  • $190 a week goes towards buying land to resettle the Melanesian Landless People in the Nadawa Squatters Settlement. The Nasinu Town Council plans to develop the Nadawa land areas prompting settlers to seek other homes. This longterm project is assisting the fundraising needed to help the settlers relocate and is scheduled to be complete by 2016.
  • $200 a week assists the Diocese of Polynesia to fund Anglicare Polynesia to be prepared for natural disasters such as floods, and continue to help those living in poverty, dealing with HIV/AIDs, and community development.
  • $500 assists a religious order such as the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia in the Church of Melanesia to work towards becoming self supporting through providing base resources such as fabric and seeds for farming.
  • $830 a month assists the House of Sarah to offer counselling services to women in Fiji to combat domestic violence, child abuse, rape, and sexual harassment. It also provides referrals to women’s services for women in need, and training on women’s rights and gender based violence issues.
  • Mission Support supports the clergy and lay ministers of the Diocese of Polynesia so that they can extend the ministry of the church to the wider community and deepen the discipleship of parishioners.

Can you help us to continue overseas mission by donating and praying today? Every donation, no matter the size, assists people all over the world. By donating to this appeal and Anglican Missions, you are helping to secure the future of overseas mission, and ensure it is a bright one.

In Christ’s service

Canon Robert Kereopa
Executive Officer


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