Spring Appeal 2018


Here are details of the three worthy projects which were supported by our 2018 Spring Appeal:

The first project is helping to support NZCMS Mission Partners Anthony and Anne McCormick who are based in Battambang, Cambodia.  Anthony and Anne have been NZCMS Mission Partners in Cambodia since 2011. At the end of 2014 they began partnering with the World Mate Emergency Hospital where Anthony set up a Social Work department.  Anne also works at the hospital where she started an activity programme for patients and caregivers. Much of Anthony’s work is in training Khmer social workers and recently he is involved in a new training partnership with Chab Dai, a coalition formed in 2005 that is committed to ending human trafficking and exploitation.   Anne’s role involves hosting the many visitors and volunteers to the hospital and running an activity programme for patients and caregivers. Through these creative programmes many Cambodians are helped both psychologically and physically. As Anne continues in her role at the hospital, she is hoping to progress in mentoring her assistant to eventually take over the role.


The second project is support for the Diocesan Boys Hostel in Pakistan. We have supported this Hostel previously and receive regular reports and feedback from the NZCMS Mission Partner in the region. The Hostel is such a valuable asset in a region of very low education rates and where a large proportion of students do not have access to school.  As well as educational studies, the boys participate in religious and sports activities (especially football and cricket) as well as programmes designed to provide long-term life skills, such as personal budgeting, micro-enterprise and laptop skills; as well as programmes aimed at their social and spiritual growth. Many of the Hostel boys become local leaders and Christian role models in their communities.

While the boys’ families pay a small monthly fee towards costs, the Hostel has one other main funding partner.  There are also many local contributions, often in kind, such as volunteer tutoring, training, leading programmes etc.  The Hostel would not be able to continue its ministry however without our support.


The third Spring Appeal project is helping support NZCMS Mission Partner, Dawn Daunauda, who is serving in Vanuatu. Dawn is a short-term Mission Partner with NZCMS for this year teaching diploma-level English at Talua Theological Institute, which is run by the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, on the island of Espiritu Santo, the largest island in the Republic of Vanuatu. Dawn is an ordained priest with the Diocese of Nelson and is taking a year’s leave to serve in this mission.

As well as teaching English, she also encourages the students, both women and men, to be all that God has called them to be. This includes weekly devotions and hospitality. During holiday breaks Dawn continues to research mission and ministry opportunities.

Your donation, no matter what the size, will make a difference and impact lives; helping a lot of people, providing opportunities, and changing lives for the better. Please keep these projects in your prayers. Prayer points are listed on the back page of the resources booklet sent to Parishes.

If you wish to donate directly from our website, please click on the ‘donate’ tab.