Appeal for the People of Tuvalu

October 2011 - Emergency Appeal

31 October 2011


What's happened?

Tuvalu falls within the jurisdiction of the Diocese of Polynesia. Archbishop Winston Halapua has just returned from visiting our brothers and sisters there. AMB is launching an appeal on behalf of the Diocese of Polynesia for the people of Tuvalu. Archbishop Winston writes:

“As Bishop of Polynesia I have just returned from a visit to Tuvalu. There I was privileged to be alongside the people in this time of crisis. I have listened to their stories of courageous struggle. The lack of water is all too evident in the strict rationing, I observed the people each morning collecting their two buckets of water per family.

The breadfruit which provides food for many is struggling for life near homes. I have observed the withering of the breadfruit and other trees – trees which would feed families are dying.


How we have helped!


Water Arrives to aid Tuvalu

We received the following email from the Diocesan Manager in the Diocese of Polynesia

"Thank you very much for the contribution to the Tuvalu Water Appeal. We were able to purchase 176 cartons of water and 12 bottles of 1.5 litres from all the contributions. They were delivered to the Tuvalu High Commission here in Suva. I learnt today that the barge that carried all the assistance from Fiji left Suva on 28/11/2011. In Tuvalu a Disaster Committee is responsible for the distribution. However because they have had rain these last few weeks all the water is being stored until the next drought which is anticipated in January-February 2012. Tuvalu_Water_donation_01.JPG
The photo is of all the staff in our office- unloading the cartons/bottles of water at the Tuvalu High Commission in Gorrie Street Suva.

Our deepest appreciation for your gift."


Living in a global village suddenly has new meaning.

Today (19/12/11) a very generous cheque arrived from Australia to help the people of Tuvalu. The donor wrote: “We ourselves live in a village of 1,000 people, a sea side village. It hurt us so much to see the devastation of the village, school and hospital (in Tuvalu), all on the brink of running out of water ... We discussed the Tuvalu plight and we have been able to send you a cheque, to help in some way. We will continue to pray for the people of Tuvalu”


How can you help?

You can help by responding to an appeal for money to contribute towards supplying water and food to people in need. Your assistance is asked to be channelled through the New Zealand Anglican Missions Board. Money will be forwarded to the Church in Tuvalu - our ecumenical partner in mission. There it will provide the Church with funds to bring relief not only on the main island but to pockets of people on the other islands within the group.”



By Visa or Mastercard



Make a cheque out to Anglican Missions and send to:

AMB Tuvalu Appeal
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Contact the Office for more information.