Anglican Missions and the New Zealand Church Missionary Society (NZCMS) have a very strong and close relationship, partnering together to enable New Zealand Anglicans to participate in the overseas mission of the Church as Mission Partners. NZCMS acts as the "mission sending arm", recruiting and preparing candidates for the mission field and then providing support while they are overseas, while Anglican Missions acts as the "mission funding arm", providing some funding to NZCMS to support its mission partners while overseas through funds raised by the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Under the Missions Board Canon and the NZCMS Accord with Anglican Missions, mission partners are expected to be available for deputation, including to the parishes that have supported them while serving overseas, when back in New Zealand. NZCMS has a longstanding Deputations Strategy that includes practical advice on how to ensure deputations are a mutually rewarding experience for both the mission partners and for the hosting churches.

However there can be a gap where parishes not linked to an NZCMS mission partner nor affiliated in any way to NZCMS but which have an interest in and commitment to overseas mission, may unwittingly slip under the radar and get overlooked. In practice this might mean that some parishes may not know of mission partners visiting New Zealand even though they may be in the same town.

Anglican Missions is committed to ensuring that overseas mission is as important as and is an extension of local mission and is a priority for every parish. Anglican Missions is committed to strengthening existing connections and developing new links with parishes and would like to strengthen opportunities to report back to those parishes on how their prayers and funding support is making a difference.

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Photo: Michael Hartfield, Operations and Projects Officer, Anglican Missions; Bob Mitchell, Anglican Overseas Aid, Australia; Isaac Henderson, Wellington Diocese Mission Motivator, in Palmerston North, Nov 2017




  • In NZ, Anglican Missions and NZCMS (NZ Church Missionary Society) partner together to enable NZ Anglicans to participate in the overseas mission of the Church. Part of the role of NZCMS is “to inform, inspire and mobilise the Church for God's mission in NZ and beyond” (NZCMS Snapshot 2018 magazine, page 42); and one part of the Mission Statement for the Anglican Missions Board says “Mobilising the Church to pray, give, go and support the global missions of our Church, and to tell mission stories.” (Annual Report 2017, page 3) more»
    What are deputations?
  • NZCMS regularly organise speaking visits by their Mission Partners when they are back in New Zealand on leave and home service. Mission Partners speak at churches and at local NZCMS branch meetings.
    Anglican Missions have occasionally had staff and/or Diocesan Mission Motivators speak at specific events, or on request, and we would like to widen the scope of this. more»
    Who are likely speakers?