What are deputations?

In NZ, Anglican Missions and NZCMS (NZ Church Missionary Society) partner together to enable NZ Anglicans to participate in the overseas mission of the Church. 

NZCMS acts as the ‘mission sending arm’, recruiting and preparing candidates (who become Mission Partners) for the mission field and then providing support while they are overseas. Anglican Missions is the ‘mission funding arm’ and our Board provides an annual grant that covers about 50% of the budgeted direct costs of Mission Partners overseas.

Part of the role of NZCMS is “to inform, inspire and mobilise the Church for God’s mission in NZ and beyond” (NZCMS Snapshot 2018 magazine, page 42); and one part of the Mission Statement for the Anglican Missions Board says “Mobilising the Church to pray, give, go and support the global missions of our Church, and to tell mission stories.” (Annual Report 2017, page 3)

So ‘deputations’, perhaps a rather old-fashioned word, are effectively ‘mission speakers’ – people who share mission stories, tell of the work in the mission field, and encourage and mobilise our Church for mission.

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