Who are likely speakers?

Who are likely speakers?

NZCMS regularly organise speaking visits by their Mission Partners when they are back in New Zealand on leave and home service. Mission Partners speak at churches and at local NZCMS branch meetings.

Anglican Missions have occasionally had staff and/or Diocesan Mission Motivators speak at specific events, or on request, and we would like to widen the scope of this.

Would you like someone to speak on mission at your church on a Sunday or at one of your groups? 

Our range of speakers can cover a number of topics including the work of Anglican Missions – what we do, where and why? These speakers can preach from the Lectionary or focus on a mission-related topic – whatever suits you.

Jesus spent time with, stood up for and supported the poor and the oppressed – and our vision at Anglican Missions is to do the same. As well as raising funds to support our partners overseas, partnering with churches and other community groups is a prioirty for us becasue it allows us all to get on with the journey of being disciples.

If you would like to book a speaker, please look at the calendar to see available days and get in touch with us. Email Metua on office@angmissions.org.nz or phone the office on (04) 473 5172.

If you would benefit from some resources (e.g. Power point slides, posters, booklets, etc.) please go to Resources.

Please use us to help you promote mission.