Stamp Donations

Total raised from donated stamps in 2020: $5,218

As part of our fundraising efforts, Anglican Missions sells mint and used stamps, as well as collections, via experienced collectors and dealers who kindly donate their time and expertise. Thank you so much everyone who has donated stamps to Anglican Missions! Keep them coming! Click here to see some of the interesting stamps that have been donated.


Do you have stamps to donate?

We would love to receive any used stamps, both international and NZ ones, however please note that we cannot use generic KIWI stamps, as our stamp buyers no longer take them. We do however want any alternative mail New Zealand stamps (e.g. NZM, Pete’s Post, DX, etc.).

If you would like an information sheet about collecting and sorting stamps, please email or download here.


Post your stamps to us at: Anglican Missions, PO Box 12012, Thorndon, Wellington 6144          

Or courier/drop them off to our street address: Anglican Missions, 32 Mulgrave St, Thorndon, Wellington, 6011

Thank you so much!

Past Years

Anglican Missions have been selling stamps for a long time. Here's how much you've helped us raise in the last nine years.

2019: $3,850 | 2018: $4,856  2017: $6,170  |2016: $6,740  |2015: $12,270 2014: $20,219  |2013: $12,090  |  2012: $18,684  |  2011: $13,837 


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    Interesting stamps from our donations!
  • Stamps raised over $12,000 in 2015

    In 2015 Anglican Missions raised a total of $12,270 from the sale of used stamps. Stamps were sold to dealers and through TradeMe throughout the year. more»
  • Stamps raised $18,684 in 2012

    Stamps raised $18,684 in 2012. Stamps were sold to dealers and through TradeMe throughout the year, as well as a few stamps sold through auction! We also had our first Stampede at Anglican House in Wellington. more»
  • Things we stumble on in donated stamps

    From the many many boxes of stamps we receive in the office every week.. sometimes we get things that are not stamps. Sorting stamps on the table then find you're one 4 card short in Uno? We have more»
    Lost and Found