Donate Stamps

TOTAL raised as at Sept 2018 – just over $3,100

Anglican Missions sells stamps on Trade Me, in auctions and to dealers around the world. Thanks to everyone who has donated stamps to Anglican Missions! Keep them coming!

However, we no longer want the general use ‘KIWI’ stamps.  While we used to be able to sell KIWI stamps, our stamp buyers have been overwhelmed by them and are no longer taking them. We do want alternative mail Kiwi stamps though, e.g. NZM, Pete’s Post, DX, etc. An information sheet about collecting and sorting stamps is available from the AM Office.

Please do keep sending us other NZ stamps and of course international ones too.

We are interested in mint and used stamps as well as collections. 


Please send your stamps to:

Anglican Missions, PO Box 12012, Thorndon, Wellington 6144           Please only use our street address if you are mailing by courier.
Courier to: Anglican Missions, 32 Mulgrave St, Thorndon, Wellington, 6011


Want to help us prepare the stamps for sale?

If you don’t have the time to sort or trim the stamps for us, we are happy to take them just as they are.

You can help us by sorting the stamps into these four categories:

  1. NZ  on paper
  2. Foreign on paper (and also useful is to separate out British and Australian stamps, as we have different sellers dealing with these)
  3. NZ soaked off paper
  4. Foreign soaked off paper

When sorting: If a stamp is damaged in any way, it should be discarded. This could be from pen-marks, heavy postmarks, staple impressions, torn, bent, corners missing or any perforations missing. This keeps the quality of the bulk stamps high so they can fetch a better price.

If you have the time you can also help by trimming the stamps. Please leave 3mm (about ¼ inch) of paper around the stamp – any more paper than that we have to re-trim them as they are sold by weight. Cutting closer than 3mm to the stamp risks cutting the perforations which makes the stamp worthless, and philatelists like some paper around the stamp to hold with their tweezers.

Past Years

Anglican Missions have been selling stamps for many many years. Here's how much we've raised in the last few.

2017: $6,170  |2016: $6,740  |2015: $12,270 2014: $20,219  |2013: $12,090  |  2012: $18,684  |  2011: $13,837  |  2010: $22,832  |  2009: $7,076