Stampede 2012

In March 2012 Anglican Missions will have its first ever public stamp sale

stamp_sale_005.JPGIn March Anglican Missions will have its first ever public stamp sale.

If you know stamp collectors who live in the Wellington region (or those interested in coming to the capital to buy stamps), please let them know. For more information, please email


Where and When

The Board Room (ground floor), Anglican House, 32 Mulgrave Street, Wellington.

Friday 16th March 5pm- 6.30pm
Saturday 17th March 11am-3pm

Bring some cash and/or your credit card (which will be cleared on the day) to buy stamps with!


What is for sale?

Main SG catalogues will be available for reference.

Stampede Photo

Large accumulation – amassed over several decades - of off paper stamps from the following areas:

  • Pacific Islands (most islands, incl French; depth in Fiji, Solomons, Cooks, Samoa)
  • NZ
  • Australia
  • GB (including Machins)

Most reigns and periods well represented for each of these; mainly used, but with damaged and ‘murdered’ stamps removed as far as possible.

The above are in some [25] shoeboxes and will be sorted in envelopes according to SG number and priced per envelope at a percentage of SG catalogue – mainly 10% or less. Better items catalogued at NZ $50 ++ will be individually displayed for sale in stock books.

We will also be selling kilo ware in the following categories:

  • NZ on and off paper
  • NZ alternative mail on paper
  • World on and off paper
  • World seconds
  • Machins on and off paper

Other items:

  • FDCs (NZ / Australia / Canada / ROW)
  • Worldwide mini-sheets
  • NZ Sheets of stamps
  • Assorted albums
  • Revenues


Want to donate stamps?

Bring them along to the Stampede or see more information here!