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Anglican Missions - About Us


What is Anglican Missions?

Anglican Missions (AMB / Anglican Missions Board / Anglican Missions Board of the Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia) was established by General Synod in 1920 as the funding agency for overseas mission of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. It was formerly known as New Zealand Anglican Board of Missions or NZAMB.


What is Anglican Mission's relationship with NZCMS?

Anglican Missions is the overseas funding arm of the New Zealand Anglican Church. NZCMS is the sending arm. Anglican Missions supports NZCMS financially to help them keep Mission Partners in the field. Anglican Missions and NZCMS have a strong and enduring relationship.



Anglican Missions provide funding...


Where does the money go?

General donations to Anglican Missions go towards our projects, our grant partners, and funding Mission Partners through NZCMS.  Donations are also used to run the office and for promotion. Funding is also periodically provided to assist following natural disasters.

More detailed information can be found in our projects and appeals tabs of the website and in our Annual Report.


What percentage of my giving goes to the projects and partners?

Expenditure for Grants and Allocations (money that makes it to partners and projects) fluctuates every year depending on our budget. See our Annual Report for the most up to date figures. Also see from 2018 “If you gave $10 to AM how would it be spent”


Can I get a Tax Deductible Receipt?

Unfortunately not as donations to Anglican Missions do not currently qualify for a tax credit under the Income Tax Act 2007.


What is Tikanga Giving?

Tikanga Giving (or your Parish's Missions Target) is money that goes towards the Diocesan Missions Targets that are set at the Diocesan Synods every year. The targets are a goal for the Diocese to work towards and are managed in different ways by each Diocese.

These targets fund all Anglican Missions' projects, partners and administration.


Will my giving to X go towards our Parish's Target or Tikanga Giving?

Will money donated to Anglican Missions go toward Parish Missions Target or Tikanga Giving targets? While we have tried to simplify this into a yes/no table below, it is subject to change at any time.

Will my donation go towards the Diocesan Target Giving?


Parish support of AMB Projects as specified on AMB website for the current year


Parish support of AMB Projects from past years e.g. Water for All


Parish support of NZCMS Mission Partners via AMB


Parish support of Lenten Appeal


Parish support of Special Appeals for AMB Mission Partner projects e.g. Diocesan Boys’ Hostel, Pakistan, House of Sarah


Donations to NZCMS specified in support of a Mission Partner e.g. the Hicks family


Donations to NZCMS specified in support of a Mission Partner's ministry e.g. Mosquito nets, books, food...


Donations to non-NZCMS Mission Partners


Donations for NZCMS given to AMB


Donations for NZCMS given directly to NZCMS


Projects initiated by a parish or individual which are not official AMB projects


Emergency Appeals


 * Donations for projects from past years will be reallocated into current year's projects


Do you give money to projects outside of the Anglican Church?

We can only support projects through our scheduled grant partners.





Will supporting a project go towards my Parish Giving/Tikanga Giving?

Parish Projects listed as this year's project can be part of your Parish Mission Target as they are part of the current Anglican Missions commitment. Projects listed for past years (or not listed at all) cannot be supported through Parish/Tikanga giving.


My project is not listed on your website?

If a project you have supported in the past is not listed in projects it means that Anglican Missions is no longer supporting this project – either the project has been completed or support is now being given in full by another organisation. Please feel free to contact us to find out how the project is doing and to consider supporting a new one.


Can I be in regular contact with a project?

Keep in mind that many of our partners in places such as the Pacific and Papua New Guinea do not normally have access to the regular internet.  For some partners, access to a digital camera/phone is limited, or they’re only just getting started with email. Many community initiatives overseas also have limited staff and as such cannot commit a lot of time to being in regular contact. They do greatly appreciate your prayers and letters of support though!





I have a stamp collection I would like to donate, are you interested?

Yes we are! Please send it along with your name and phone number (we'll let you know it has been received safely) to: Anglican Missions, PO Box 12-012, Thorndon, Wellington 6144.

If you need to courier the stamps/collection to a street address use: Anglican Missions, 32 Mulgrave St, Thorndon, Wellington 6011

Or, if you are passing through Wellington, or know someone who is, we are happy to have stamps hand-delivered.



Mission Partners


We would like a Mission Partner to speak in our Diocese or Parish. Who do we contact?

Contact us or NZCMS. If there are existing opportunities to meet Mission Partners we will promote these on our calendar and on facebook.


I would like to become a Mission Partner.

Brilliant! Your next step is to get in contact with NZCMS.