Gaza City

Medical care regardless of religious, social class or political affiliations in Gaza

Gaza City

“We are suffering from shortages, running out of medicine and medical supplies”

Souhila Tarazi, Al-Ahli Arab Anglican Hospital

Funds will contribute to providing medical care for people in desperate need and enable Al-Ahli Arab Anglican Hospital to keep it’s doors open during the struggles and challenges of the Covid Crisis.


The Hospital, in the centre of Gaza City, treats over 45,000 patients a year and is a haven of peace and hope in in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled areas. Restrictions on movement and imports can mean the Hospital is often without basic medicines and can struggle because of limited electricity, food, water, fuel and personnel.

On top of all this, the hospital is now facing the widespread challenge of the spread of the Corona Virus which knows no borders, or religion or social class. Everyone is at risk including the staff and patients. The lockdown has created a huge demand for treatment of patients who have been turned away from government funded hospitals.

The Hospital provides out-patient and in-patient care, including emergency and ambulance services and its doors are open to everyone in need. In addition to its hospital facility, Al Ahli Hospital also provides free mobile clinics to villages across Gaza and offers specialised support for different groups including free clinics for elderly women, underweight or malnourished children, free screening programmes for early detection of breast cancer and psychosocial support. It is one of very few Christian witnesses in the city.

Diocese of Jerusalem has asked the Anglican Communion for help. Funding will help procure emergency medicine, medical supplies and fuel for generators. It will also be used to support doctors and nurses who are working round the clock to respond to injured and traumatised patients.

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