Ex-pat Kiwi businesses aim to pay, protect and provide for Kolkata’s worst-hit communities


“In April alone, over 122 million Indians lost their jobs.”

Anthony Watts

 Funds raised will help “Pay, Protect, Provide” – paying workers their wage, manufacturing protective equipment to stop the spread of Covid, and providing 20,000 meals to people facing hunger


Anthony Watts is one of many ex-pat Kiwis living in the poorest neighbourhoods of India, where they run businesses that offer employment to locals, offering them a way out of poverty.  COVID-19 saw the whole nation of India go into complete lockdown.  But with only four hours’ notice, millions of internal migrants were forced to travel at once, resulting in mass disruption and displacement.  Anthony tells us that in April alone, over 122 million Indians lost their jobs.


Making things worse, Cyclone Amphan ravaged eastern India in May, causing widespread damage in the areas where Anthony and his fellow expats call home.

 In order to get through the lockdown and support their employees, Anthony and the businesses he is involved in has embarked on a three-stage process called Pay, Protect, Provide.  “Pay” means that the businesses are endeavouring to pay their employees 100% of their wages throughout lockdown; “Protect,” is about manufacturing and providing masks to help stop the spread of the disease in the cramped conditions of the slums where they live and work; and “Provide” is a an initiative to give away 20,000 meals to those who can’t afford food at this difficult time.

Anthony tells us that the funds we raise for them will help them achieve their goals in these three areas.  He tells us “Together these resilient communities are rising up again and putting their lives together, and we invite you to be part of that with us.”

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