Landless People

Completed in 2017

Photo: AMB CEO Robert Kereopa with Rev Jone Tuiwaiwai (new Projects Officer for Anglicare Polynesia) at Nadawa May 2017

2017 will be the last year this project receives assistance towards the purchase of land for the people in Nadawa.

This project is about the securing land and homes for 12 to 13 families who have squatting for the past 50 years. Most families earn their living from fishing and casual labours.

Progress has work has been done on the land in the form of flattening the area, identifying road sites, laying of water and sewage pipes, cables and posts for electricity; and the parishioners have also been given the green light to begin their work on the new church. The Diocese expects to purchase the land in 2017.  The amount to be set aside for this project in 2017 in NZ$4,750




Partnership Projects


  • Completed 2013

    In October 2013 the long awaited resettlement of the landless community in Namara finally begun. The families have been moved to a temporary site while the sale of the new land come through, and upgrades start on their old land. As with many resettlement projects in developing countries, the place that communities have called home since birth, is now no more. The move to the new land should be completed by the end of 2013. A new journey has begun for the Namara Community. more»
  • Finished Projects

    Since becoming involved in resolving this serious issue, The Anglican Church has been working on building a fund to assist local churches or individuals to purchase land to give them security of tenure.
    Timely Help for Mrs Kartiyani Nair - $9000
    Dream Come True for Ms Agnes Parbati - $10,000
    2008 - 2010
  • $5,000 in 2011

    Ms Sumintra Shankran, a widow for 11 years, lives with her two sons Martin and Nicholas. They currently reside at a HART home in Navaka, Nadi. They were asked to vacate the HART village by March 2011... more»
    Housing Assistance for Ms Sumintra Shankran