A passion for practical Mission

9 July 2020

A passion for practical Mission

 MMM is a voluntary international mission organisation formerly known as Mobile Mission Maintenance. “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6:10

From the Hogans brochure: “Roy and Rachael Hogan first became involved with MMM back in 2006 while serving in Christian camping, joining a short term team to Savusavu, Fiji. They stayed with a local family and loved it so much they returned six months later to continue with the project. Since Roy has completed his building apprenticeship, the couple have made numerous trips to Fiji…”

They met Bishop Henry Bull (one of Anglican Missions Board members) at his home in Dreketi, Fiji and have remained in contact.

From Rachael: “We have been accepted to work as Full Time Volunteers for an organisation called MMM, formerly known as Mobile Mission Maintenance. We have spent some time getting ready to work for the organisation and raising support, but are now working full time for them. We are doing 9-12 months working for the organisation in New Zealand, or until borders open… and then at some point will head to Fiji as the MMM Fiji Coordinators where they have committed to be there for 2 years to start with... as MMM is an interdenominational organisation that seeks to support other Christian ministries though building and maintenance work...Our hope is in the future that we will be able to support churches in Bishop Henry’s Diocese or church at some point!”

You can follow the Hogan family on their blogspot

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